6 min read - Learn what it means to be agile in the modern software development era as Mark Balbes annotates the Agile Manifesto for the modern day.
9 min read - Learn the most frequent agile techniques organizations use. They include daily standups, iteration planning, retrospectives, & prioritized backlogs.
5 min read - Learn why enterprise agile is a culture that most companies should strive toward.
11 min read - Learn whether your organization can benefit from an agile approach to the enterprise.
7 min read - Learn the basics for the most popular scaled enterprise agile frameworks—Scrum of Scrums, SAFe, Disciplined Agile, and LeSS (Large Scale Scrum).
7 min read - Learn nine steps you should take for better, more agile portfolio estimation.
5 min read - Learn the basic backlog management features of ALM Octane.
13 min read - Learn the basics of mobile testing and how it compares and contrasts with traditional desktop and web application testing.
10 min read - Learn what the factors are that determine how many people you should hire or transfer for mobile testing, along with roles and skills.
11 min read - Find out if your team has strong enough mobile testing capabilities with a mobile testing maturity model that resembles TMMi.