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5 min read - This serves as a helpful cheatsheet for starting basic security and penetration testing for iOS apps.
12 min read - Penetration testing for a mobile app requires a different approach from how you test web applications. Here's how to get started.
5 min read - Mobile app security needs to become part of user stories and part of mobile app development from the date of project kick-off. Here's how to do it.
6 min read - Changing an organization's security behavior is the foundation for true security culture change in a DevOps environment.
7 min read - Secure your apps in the public cloud with these three approaches for DevOps and app sec engineers.
6 min read - Here's the vocabulary you’ll need to master as you pursue IT operations analytics.
9 min read - Product backlog items are wider in scope than stories, although they usually contain stories. Here's what you need to know about PBIs.
5 min read - What metrics should you use to assess the quality of your software? Here's what to use—and what to avoid.
5 min read - Learn the essential components of hybrid cloud operations, and how to support the teams that rely on hybrid cloud resources.
6 min read - Learn what applications to migrate to your new new hybrid cloud environment, and learn the basics of the migration process.