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6 min read - Penetration testing can be overwhelming to reactive-thinking CISOs. Here's an overview of initial considerations in getting started with pen testing.
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5 min read - How do you get your DevOps team on cloud nine across nine clouds? You'll have to get a grip on your multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments.
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10 min read - To celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2023, TechBeacon asked Bing AI for its best enterprise-technology jokes about St. Patrick's Day.
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5 min read - Network intruders have an advantage left of boom. After a compromise, however, the advantage shifts—and the blue team can turn the tables.
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5 min read - Security software can go only so far. To optimize your app sec and API security, press the reset button and focus on people, not tools. Here's how.
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5 min read - When it comes to FinOps, the perfect is the enemy of the good. The time to start cloud-cost optimization is now—even if it's incomplete or imperfect.
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5 min read - Web admins hate bots; web scraping relies on bots. Now, ML has turned the world of web scraping into an arms race.
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5 min read - AI is only as biased as the institutions, humans, models, and training data behind them. Here's how to address the three types of AI bias.
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5 min read - If you don't know what you have, how can you manage it? Getting visibility into your unstructured data may be hard, but it's worth doing.
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5 min read - It's one thing to have APIs. It's another thing to have a well-maintained API program. Here are five tips for transitioning to an API-first approach.
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