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The World Quality Report for 2017-18 shows software quality has emerged as a lever of differentiation in the marketplace.
World Quality Report 2017-18
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Free Trial: StormRunner Functional Testing as a Service
Gartner evaluates major vendors used to accelerate and scale functional automated testing as well as enable the continuous testing required by DevOps.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation 2017
 White Paper
This free business whitepaper covers the roles and responsibilities needed to succeed with SecOps, as well as tactics and effectiveness metrics.
Intelligent Security Operations: A Staffing Guide
This free practical guide provides numerous examples of real-world scenarios, lessons learned, and best practices for hybrid cloud.
The Journey to Hybrid Cloud: A Design and Transformation Guide
Download the Application Security Research Update now to find out the top five app sec risks that threaten your business.
Application Security Research Update: Top 5 app sec risks
This report highlights eight things to consider for test automation initiatives, with recommendations to increase your likelihood of success.
Gartner: The Eight Essentials When Moving to Automated Software Testing
Discover the capabilities, best practices, and performance of security operations with an assessment of organizations around the globe.
State of Security Operations 2017
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