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8 min read - You adopted agile as your go-to methodology for software development. Here are 8 common myths and misconceptions as you scale agile practices.
Scaling up agile practices to a large number of teams is not easy. But it's not impossible either. This article looks at some of the misconceptions and myths around agile at scale.
5 min read - From communication failures to crummy requirements documents, here's how agile development projects go off the rails and fail.
5 min read - Use these agile metrics to improve software quality and speed up application delivery. Deliver where it counts: the quality of your production code.
5 min read - By moving to DevOps, agile and cloud, TIAA-CREF has seen a 4x increase in productivity, streamlining development and increasing software quality.
Scott Blandford, executive vice president, chief technology officer, Retirement & Individual Financial Services at TIAA-CREF
5 min read - According to a recent research survey, agile now dominates waterfall, and adoption is accelerating.
5 min read - The pace of the update cycle for the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing rapidly. Agile methodologies can address these changes and demands.
5 min read - You may think you're agile, but most organizations aren't. Consider these principles to see where you stand.
Is your organization really agile?