7 min read - Seven experts share their advice for how organizations can go from a traditional security strategy to cyber-resilient operations. 
5 min read - For modern businesses, it’s cloud-forward all the way. Get adaptive with your hybrid cloud security strategy with these three best practices.
10 min read - With the question of serverless choices, let the nature of your problem dominate. Older code will fit better in older formats such as a shared server.
5 min read - It takes less time and effort for developers to fix problems and optimize a system that is highly observable. Here are best practices.
DevOps World 2021 delivers the insights you need to build and deliver great software. The show runs Sept. 28-30.
5 min read - We will never eliminate cybercrime, but we can reduce it. Let’s make cybercriminals join pirates as part of an age whose time has passed.
5 min read - It's not enough for organizations to rely on data. The real secret is sharing with likeminded ecosystems of companies that play by the same rules.
7 min read - VSM isn't a specific process, method, framework, or platform, and by itself it doesn't provide anything. Here's what it means—and what to focus on.
5 min read - Strong application security depends on steering clear of technical debt. Here's what your team needs to know about technical debt—and how to avoid it.
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