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5 min read - FinOps is more than careful monitoring and analysis. There's also a human element—keeping things interesting. Here are four strange but true tales.
IT CAME FROM THE CLOUD! Strange but True Stories of Cloud-Cost Optimization
6 min read - Agility can be difficult to achieve in a monolithic environment. It might be time to check out of your suite—and move to composable stacks.
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5 min read - ChatGPT and other generative-AI tools can make test automation easier. But they can't do everything.
8 min read - Data democratization means data freedom. Data governance means data control. These two concepts seem at odds, but they can support each other.
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5 min read - RSAC 2023's theme was "Stronger Together." Now that the conference is over, Rik Ferguson shares his takeaways.
7 min read - ISO 27701 can guide organizations in designing more effective personal information management systems.
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6 min read - With the cloud, identities are the new perimeter. Here's how to understand—and stop—privilege escalation and lateral movement in the cloud.
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5 min read - The days of the dev who ships code and moves on to the next project are gone. To retain and grow a user base, engineers must become user-centric.
5 min read - A complete discussion of sustainable IT must include FinOps. Here are three FinOps articles to keep you going after Earth Day.
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5 min read - Looking for Earth Day inspiration for your enterprise IT environment? Here's a roundup of three environment-friendly articles from TechBeacon.
3 Enterprise-Tech Articles to Read for Earth Day