5 min read - Strong application security depends on steering clear of technical debt. Here's what your team needs to know about technical debt—and how to avoid it.
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8 min read - Cloud deployments are becoming more operationally complex—which means you'll need to get better at predictive analytics. AIOps tools can help.
5 min read - Security solutions based on AI, ML, zero trust, analytics, and encryption can mitigate the potential cost of a breach, the data shows. Here's how.
6 min read - Here's why CISOs need to embrace cloud-native, get to know its advantages, and understand the change it introduces to security practices.
6 min read - IT operations organizations are doubling down on cloud, AIOps, build/run and automation as they strive towards digital transformation.
6 min read - Testers often fall into an 'illusion of usability' with their tools. Here's what it means, what testers are saying, and how you can overcome it.
5 min read - Adopting a threat modeling framework, implementing processes for managing the attack surface, and aggressively pushing automation are key.
Based on responses from over 500 security operations pros, the report provides recommendations to help you advance your SOC and reduce risk.