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A new Forrester Research report finds IT service management is a must-have for high-performing organizations.
Hiring diverse teams isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s good for business. So why is unconscious bias still a problem in the tech sector?
Shadow IT poses challenges no single technology will effectively mitigate. You need a multilayered defense strategy. You need zero trust.
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COBOL is an IT backbone. Things we take for granted, such as taking money out of an ATM, depend upon it and many developers love it.
Software written for extensibility is designed to allow new capabilities or functionality.
These stories provide insight into the issues IT organizations grapple with as they rush to support new digital transformation initiatives and...
China is trailblazing AI regulation, with the goal of being the AI leader by 2030. We look at its #AI ethics guidelines.
Tracking the sales and marketing, delivery, and operational aspects, for example, can help you know how your success measures up.