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New players Chaordix and Whale Path crowdsource information and research to go head-to-head with high-paid analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester.
The big news out of DockerCon was the Open Container Project, but Docker delivered plenty of other news to make organizations and developers happy.
An open standarization initiative announced this week at DockerCon will allay fears and drive innovation.
Docker has risen quickly to the top as the de facto container technology, but it's not the only container platform available as containers go...
Here are the five layers of a Docker­-centric container environment and how to monitor them to ensure that your applications remain healthy.
Crowdsourced workforces are here. But making it possible requires sophisticated tech, which opens doors for dev and ops.
Getting started with a DevOps transformation can be daunting. By following these four straightforward steps, you'll get off to a great start.
HP Online Software's Vadim Iofis talks about Docker, using DevOps to migrate apps to SaaS and other software delivery topics.