Cloud Application Development

Micro Focus Fortify's Software Security Research team has released their annual report on the state of application security. Get up to speed fast. 
Application Security Research Update 2018 
This in-depth analysis of QA will help you to understand challenges, how teams are overcoming them, and trends in software quality. 
World Quality Report 2018-19: The State of QA and Testing 
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Workers now have anywhere-access and organizations are not keeping data safe. Here's how to manage access to your most sensitive information. 
Protecting the Crown Jewels: Privileged Account Management 
How safe is your data in light of today’s modern threat and regulatory landscape? 
Protect Big Data With Data-Centric Security 
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Data protection is critical to data-driven organizations. But hybrid IT makes protecting data more challenging. Get up to speed fast. 
How to Protect Hybrid IT 
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