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40 leading IT ops experts to follow on Twitter

Christopher Null Freelance writer

Want to get the lowdown on the real, in-the-trenches world of IT operations? Here are 40 industry experts, pundits, gurus, and other luminaries—in alphabetic order—whose Twitter feeds can keep you in the know.

Zvi Avraham

This #DevOps coder tweets about operating in the #cloud and development languages. Name a coding language—Zvi Avraham tweets about it.

Lee Badman

What's not to like about someone who describes himself as a "gonzo bloggist?" Lee Badman is a wireless and network engineer at Syracuse University and a contributor to Network Computing Magazine. He's hot on #WIFIQ.

David Bartlett

David Bartlett is chief technology officer at GE Aviation. He tweets about the #IndustrialInternet and the #IoT.

Steven H. Bayless

It's a shame, but Steven H. Bayless seems to be just getting started. The few insights he has shared so far on the IoT and where public transportation meets Internet technology are pure gold. He's currently senior director of telecom/telematics at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America.

Kevin Behr

Coauthor of a novel on DevOps and The Visible Ops Handbook: Implementing ITIL in 4 Practical and Auditable Steps, Kevin Behr founded the IT Process Institute. He has been CIO and CTO in the public and private sectors and often tweets about #agile and DevOps. He's currently an IT consultant in private practice and chief science officer at PraxisFlow.

Marilyn Cohodas

This tech journalist writes about #cybersecurity issues for InformationWeek's Dark Reading blog. Marilyn Cohodas isn't afraid to sing about #BHUSA and attends black hat conferences in her spare time.

Tim Crawford

Tim Crawford curates news content on cloud, IoT, #CIO, #DataCenter and #BigData. Follow him if you want to see who's talking about the big ideas in IT ops.

Chris Curran

@CTODashboard tracks CTOs on Twitter, curating a breadth of great information from and for CIOs, CTOs, and IT leaders at all levels. Chris Curran publishes the #CTO Dashboard Daily and authors the CIO Dashboard blog.

David Danto

Keeping the nuts tightened on the microscope he has honed on #UComs and #collaboration technology, David Danto likes to drill deep, and he keeps it interesting.

Jill Dych?

"Thought leader" is a term that gets bandied about too often, but for Jill Dych?, it's appropriately applied. The author of The New IT: How Technology Leaders Are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age, she tweets about #analytics, BigData, and the IoT. No one is doing more to bring business and IT closer together.

Gerri M. Flickinger

There's a reason Gerri M. Flickinger was named one of the 25 smartest women on Twitter. The former Adobe senior executive and Starbucks' new CTO as of next month, she tweets about the intersection of #IT and business transformation. She's also a big fan of the Girl Scouts and promotes female coders in education and #womenintech.

Michael Halloran

Michael Halloran specializes in #fintech, hence the Twitter handle @fintechblogger. He writes The FinTech Blog and has his finger on the pulse of the rapid changes taking place in financial technology.

Martha Heller

If you're looking for a job in IT, you'd do well to follow Martha Heller. She's an executive recruiter for CIOs and president of Heller Search Associates. You'd think she'd be tweeting about resumes and CVs, but her Twitter stream is full of deep-in-the-weeds IT and CIO business. She clearly knows how to play to her audience.

Jez Humble

Coauthor of Continuous Delivery and Lean Enterprise, Jez Humble is also a sought-after speaker. He lectures at Berkeley.

Adriana Karaboutis

Some people were born to have cool jobs. Andi Karaboutis tweets about the intersection between IT and #biotechnology.

Gene Kim

Gene Kim wears more hats than a hat rack. He's a busy #ITOps researcher, coauthor of a novel about DevOps, founder of Tripwire, and an award-winning CTO. What more do you need to know?

Evan Kirstel

This hashtag king shares the latest developments in a broad field of technology operations. Some of Evan Kirstel's favorite hashtags include cloud, #mobile, IT, and #growthhacking; just a few of the ones he lists in his Twitter profile.

Scott S. Lowe

Scott Lowe specializes in virtualization, networking, cloud development, and #opensource.

Morgan Marquis-Boire

Billing himself as a journalist and researcher, Morgan Marquis-Boire packs an impressive resume. He writes for The Intercept, serves as director of security for First Look Media, and is a special advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He tweets frequently about Internet surveillance.

Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr is the best-selling author of the book Big Data. His Twitter stream is a compilation of links all about big data careers. Read him if you're afraid of robots.

Dave Michels

A columnist for Unified Communications Strategies and the mojo behind the Talking Pointz blog, Dave Michels shares his thoughts on UComs and cloud development in a friendly, non-technical way that even non-IT experts can understand.

Dr. C. Mohan

Dr. Mohan was chief scientist at IBM India before becoming an IBM Fellow. He tweets about big data and analytics and even shares the slides to his keynote addresses.

Alan Morrison

As a researcher with PwC, Alan Morrison writes about the future of business and technology and where they meet. From #opendata to #smartcity, he's tweeting about all the big trends.

Dan Munro

Tweeting about information technology in healthcare, Dan Munro is a Forbes contributor, and he barely seems to take a breath.

Chris Murphy

Tweeting on IoT, analytics, and cloud apps, Chris Murphy is the director of cloud content at Oracle.

Kurt Opsahl

A deity of digital law at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF), Kurt Opsahl tweets about the legal issues involved with digital technology and serves as deputy executive director and general counsel at EFF.

Matt Oswalt

Matt Oswalt is really into #networkautomation. He writes a blog called Keeping It Classless that includes a bold disclaimer about being free from vendor bias.

Dhanurjay "DJ" Patil

The US government has its own data scientist. DJ Patil built the first public database at Data.gov.

Blair Pleasant

Blair Pleasant is co-founder of Unified Communications Strategies and operates as president and principal analyst for COMMfusion LLC. She tweets about technology in telephony and telematics with an emphasis on UComs and unified messaging in the contact center.

Sue Poremba

Here's a journalist writing about cybersecurity, #BYOD, and privacy issues from an IT perspective. Sue Poremba writes for IT Business Edge. She sometimes asks for leads and subjects for her articles through her Twitter profile.

Harper Reed

Harper Reed is the iconoclast in the room: irreverent, funny, and in love with himself. For some R&R, keep one eye on his Twitter feed. He's a former CTO for Obama for America and founder of Modest Inc. He really is modest.

Jonathan Reichental

An award-winning CIO who tweets on #informationtechnology in the public sector, Jonathan Reichental works for the city of Palo Alto, California and is a public speaker on government IT.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley is a DevOps analyst with Fixate IO. He adds a touch of humor to his insights, shedding light on this growing area of enterprise strategy.

Shawn Rogers

The future belongs to people like Shawn Rogers, chief research officer at Dell, who tweets about big data, analytics, business intelligence, and the IoT. He's one of the bigwigs in data science and is keynoting the upcoming Data Science Summit.

Steven Rosenbush

As an editor at the Wall Street Journal and its CIO Journal, Steve Rosenbush writes about information of importance to CIOs and CTOs across the board. He's also a big fan of self-driving cars.

Alan Shimel

As editor-in-chief of DevOps.com, Alan Shimel gets paid to keep it interesting. He likes open-ended questions, a staple of his Twitter feed.

Randy Shoup

This consulting CTO's Twitter stream isn't sexy, but few IT operatives have a pedigree as impressive as Randy Shoup's. He's been with eBay, Google, and Oracle, but he currently spends his time consulting. His ideas on #microservices and evolutionary architecture are iconic.

Evan Sinar

Evan Sinar is the chief data scientist at Development Dimensions International. He tweets about #dataviz, big data, #hr, and other data subjects. His stream is also highly visual.

Jibril Touzi

Here's an up-and-coming voice in big data and DevOps. Jibril Touzi is a developer with AWS Cloud and tweets about the big ideas in big data.

Vivek Wadhwa

This Fellow at Stanford University is also director of research at Duke University and Distinguished Fellow at Singularity University. Vivek Wadhwa is also a renowned author recognized by the US government for his contributions to common civic values. TIME Magazine named him one of the 40 most influential minds in tech and Foreign Policy Magazine named him a top 100 global thinker. His #techpreneur POV is the big big picture, analyzing the global impact of IT and how it affects governments and economies.

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