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13 robotic process automation experts you should follow

Linda Rosencrance Freelance writer/editor

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a hot topic in IT right now. Many organizations, primarily large ones, are using RPA to process data more quickly and to shorten the time spent by employees on repetitive tasks.


With RPA on the rise, it's important to keep up, whether you're a developer or in IT operations. Discover the latest trends and best practices by following these 13 experts.


Ian Barkin


Chief strategy and marketing officer, Sykes


Twitter | LinkedIn


The co-founder of Symphony Ventures, which was acquired by Sykes in November 2018, Barkin is a leader and innovator in digital operations, RPA, intelligent automation, and AI. At Sykes, Barkin is looking to define and build the future of work.


Kirk Borne

Principal data scientist and executive advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton

Twitter | LinkedIn

By his own description, Borne is a data scientist, global speaker, and consultant. He's also an astrophysicist, space scientist, big data and data science advisor, TEDx speaker, researcher, blogger, and data literacy advocate. And he gets great pleasure from solving problems through data.

Sarah Burnett

Executive vice president and distinguished analyst, Everest Group

Twitter | LinkedIn

Burnett is an expert in the field of service optimization technologies, including RPA and AI. She has published a number of automation-focused reports, white papers, and blogs, including one called "The impact of RPA and AI on jobs and workforce structures."

Pat Geary

Chief evangelist, Blue Prism

Twitter LinkedIn

Geary has an interesting claim to fame in this space: He coined the industry term "robotic process automation" in 2012.

Antonio Grasso

Founder and CEO, Digital Business Innovation Srl

Twitter | LinkedIn

Grasso is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers on AI, cyber security, digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. 

Ravi Kikan

Chief operating officer, Plus Offices


Twitter | LinkedIn


Kikan loves startups and advising entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses and building growth. His areas of interest include AI, IoT, mobile technology, robotics, big data, and RPA.


Guy Kirkwood

Chief evangelist, UiPath

Twitter | LinkedIn

As UiPath's chief evangelist and one of the leading authorities on robot process automation, Kirkwood foresees using RPA and AI to reboot work, with a robot for every person.

John Mancini

President, Content Results

Twitter | LinkedIn

Mancini is well-known author, speaker, and advisor on information management, digital transformation, and intelligent automation. He is a frequent keynote speaker and the author of more than 30 e-books on a variety of topics

Ajay Pandey

Practice leader for cloud and AI assurance, Wipro

Twitter | LinkedIn

Pandey is an IT professional, AI evangelist, and cloud leader whose interests range from digital leadership and emerging technologies to RPA, as well as current affairs, movies, and cricket.

Mike Quindazzi

Managing director for US digital alliances, PwC

Twitter | LinkedIn

Quindazzi consults on emerging technology, including robotics, blockchain, augmented reality, 3D printing, drones, virtual reality, mobile strategies, IoT, big data, predictive analytics, and cybersecurity. He often gives keynote speeches on the global megatrends that are shaping future paths for business and society, including RPA.

Mihir Shukla

CEO, Automation Anywhere 


As CEO of an RPA startup, Shukla is constantly learning about, influencing, and driving the current and future impact of automation on the world. And he's an avid marathoner.

Wouter Siepman 

RPA strategist, Another Monday


For Siepman, a "Dutch RPA guru," intelligent automation is a combination of AI and RPA—a combination that will change the way people work. But automation will only work if everyone is convinced of its value, says Siepman.

Stephen Simon

Microsoft innovative educator, Microsoft


As a senior evangelist, Simon's skillset includes knowledge of machine learning, IoT, and RPA. Simon often speaks at conferences or local meetups about AI, deep learning, and RPA.

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