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36 #DOES15 speakers to follow on Twitter

Christopher Null Freelance writer
With the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 only days away, it's time to get a jump on this conference by engaging with a who's who of the DevOps world. The list of speakers includes dozens of the greatest minds in agile, continuous delivery, and DevOps.

With the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 (DOES2015) only days away, it's time to get a jump on this conference by engaging with a who's who of the DevOps world. The list of speakers includes dozens of the greatest minds in agile, continuous delivery, and DevOps—and many of them are active on Twitter. Here's a rundown (alphabetical) of where you can find these big thinkers.

1. Anders Wallgren

Anders is chief technology officer of Electric Cloud. Prior to Electric Cloud, Anders played a critical leadership role in engineering award-winning software products, including Macromedia's Director 7 and several Shockwave products.

2. Angel Luis Diaz

Angel is the VP of cloud technology and architecture at IBM.

3. Carmen DeArdo

Carmen is a DevOps speaker who has presented at the IBM InterConnect (formerly Innovate) Conference from 2012 to 2015 and at the DevOps Enterprise Conference.

4. Cornelia Davis

Cornelia is the director of platform engineering for Pivotal. She's passionate about writing native cloud apps and teaching DevOps at conferences.

5. Dominica DeGrandis

Dominica is the director of learning and development at LeanKit. She teaches Kanban to DevOps enthusiasts and helps teams broaden their operating capabilities.

6. Ed Bellis

Ed has over 20 years of security experience and is chief technology officer of Kenna. Prior to Kenna, he was chief information security officer at Orbitz.

7. Elisabeth Hendrickson

Elisabeth is the VP of engineering for Pivotal's big data suite. She has helped pioneer quality engineering practices for the last two decades.

8. Em Campbell-Pretty

Em is a partner at Australia's leading enterprise agile consultancy, Context Matters. She was invited to co-chair the last two Agile Alliance conferences.

9. Eric Passmore

Eric is chief technology officer of online publishing and media at Microsoft. He has prior experience leading software teams at AOL and CNET.

10. Ernest Mueller

Ernest is the product manager at Idera Software. He speaks about agile and velocity at conferences such as DevOpsDays Austin and LASCON.

11. Gary Gruver

Gary is president at Practical Large Scale Agile LLC and co-author of the book A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development.

12. J. Paul Reed

J. Paul has worked at VMware, Mozilla, and Symantec as a build/release and tools engineer. He has over a decade of experience in cloud infrastructure.

13. Jez Humble

Jez is the co-author of Continuous Delivery, which won a Jolt Award. He's also a lecturer at UC Berkeley.

14. Jim Stoneham

Jim is the CEO of Opsmatic. Previously, he played a vital role at Yahoo, where he led Yahoo Answers, Flickr, and Yahoo Groups.

15. John Willis

John is a Docker evangelist. He's also the cofounder of Gulf Breeze Software, an award-winning IBM business partner.

16. Joshua Corman

Joshua is chief technology officer of Sonatype. He's also the cofounder of Rugged Software, where he raises awareness about new security approaches.

17. Julia Wester

Julia is an improvement coach at LeanKit. She has 15 years of experience managing web development teams at Turner Broadcasting and F5 Networks.

18. Kaimar Karu

Kaimar works for AXELOS as the head of ITSM. Two years ago, he was elected president of itSMF Estonia after serving as a board member for five years.

19. Kris Buytaert

Kris is a veteran Linux and open source consultant. He works on bridging the gap between developers and operations by focusing on scalability and virtualization.

20. Marc Hornbeck

Marc is the senior solutions architect for Spirent Communications. He has been a presenter at countless conferences, speaking about DevOps, network lab automation, and continuous automated testing.

21. J. Michael McGarr

Michael is the engineering manager for the Netflix build tools team and co-host of the Ship Show Podcast. Before working for Netflix, he was the director of Learn DevOps at Blackboard.

22. Mirco Hering

Mirco is the agile and DevOps lead for Accenture. He's also a global conference speaker who speaks about agile, DevOps, and organizational psychology.

23. Nikhil Vaze

Nikhil is a staff software engineer at Electric Cloud. He has a master's degree in security informatics from John Hopkins University.

24. Olivier Jacques

Olivier is a technologist at HP and has been involved several major open-source projects, including Forj and Seagull.

25. Paula Thrasher

Paula works for CSC as an application delivery lead. She has over 18 years of experience in information technology.

26. Pauly Comtois

Pauly is the DevOps VP of Hearst Business Media. He has over 20 years of experience building and developing IT support and operations teams in fast-growing organizations.

27. Rachel Reinitz

Rachel is chief technology officer of IBM Bluemix Garage.

28. Ralph Loura

Ralph works for HP as CIO of HP's Enterprise Group.

29. Rosalind Radcliffe

Rosalind is a distinguished engineer and enterprise modernization solution architect at IBM.

30. Ross Clanton

Ross is the senior group manager of infrastructure services a Target, as well as a DevOps enthusiast with over 17 years of IT experience in the retail industry. He's also a co-host of The Goat Farm Podcast, where he and Michael Ducy focus on DevOps in the enterprise.

31. Sam Fell

Sam is a DevOps enthusiast and the director of product marketing at Electric Cloud. He's also the co-host of the biweekly hangout "Continuous Discussions," which covers agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery.

32. Steve Brodie

Steve is the CEO of Electric Cloud, presenter of DOES15. He has over two decades of experience in the enterprise software industry.

33. Steven Spear

Steven is a senior lecturer at MIT's engineering and management schools. He serves on the US Advisory Board at Enlighten Software and Board of Directors at Aceso.

34. Tapabrata Pal

Tapabrata is the director and platform engineering fellow of enterprise application platforms at Capital One. He has 20 years of IT experience in the retail, healthcare, and finance industries.

35. Thomas Limoncelli

Thomas is the author of Time Management for System Administrators and The Practice of System and Network Administration.

36. Troy Magennis

Troy consults and trains organizations seeking to improve decision making through agile and Lean thinking. President of Focused Objective, his previous clients include Walmart, Microsoft, and Skype.

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