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30 test automation leaders you should follow on Twitter

Mitchell "Moe" Long Freelance writer

Code quality is extremely important, and one of the most essential ways to ensure a polished software product is test automation. Under the umbrella of software testing, test automation is crucial to ensuring continuous delivery (CD) as well as continuous testing.

Essentially, test automation is a software-based approach that incorporates automatic tests to improve code quality. It's important to have the right resources for test automation, including proper developer tools and an understanding of the current trends and state-of-the-art techniques. Trends like the use of AI and machine learning in testing are key. Following the right experts on Twitter can help. Here are the ones you need to learn from. 

Nikolay Advolodkin

Founder, UltimateQA.com; solution architect, Sauce Labs


Advolodkin runs the top-notch software quality assurance website UltimateQA, which features blog posts, courses, and other code quality resources, which are priced from free on up. He is a test automation advocate who provides all sorts of great software testing tidbits including tutorials for applying an automation pyramid to tests or overviews of what test automation frameworks should feature.

Dan Ashby

Director of quality services, Ada Health


As a self-professed quality and testing enthusiast, Ashby is a terrific test automation guru to follow on Twitter. You can catch him probing the differences between automated checks and exploratory testing, promoting jobs in the software testing space, and tweeting resources such as blog posts on testing topics.

Emna Ayadi

Test coach, Primatec Engineering


Ayadi is a brilliant software quality assurance strategist. She shares her ample expertise about software testing through blog posts, speaking engagements, and other channels. Co-author of 21st Century Skills for Testers, Ayadi explores the testing space with thoughts on the relationship between testers and developers, by analyzing different types of testing. She tweets about continuous integration as well as CD.

Dan Billing

Senior software engineer, Microsoft


As a keynote speaker at renowned events such as Agile Testing Days, Billing definitely knows his stuff. He weighs in on all sorts of testing topics, and in particular security. Follow him for a steady stream of videos ranging from thought leadership on testing and security to interviews with fellow software testing luminaries.

Michael Bolton

Lead consultant, DevelopSense


Bolton is a software testing guru with decades of experience. Providing training and consulting, he teaches individuals and companies his software testing and code quality secrets. Bolton co-authored the Rapid Software Testing methodology along with James Bach. Join his over 22,000 Twitter followers in enjoying Bolton's insightful tweets.

Richard Bradshaw

BossBoss, Ministry of Testing


Bradshaw truly lives up to his Twitter handle, Friendly Tester. The renowned software tester, trainer, and speaker is the CEO of Ministry of Testing, a community for software testing and code quality. Bradshaw is the co-creator of the Automation in Testing namespace. He talks testing with his over 14,000 Twitter followers, covering everything from test automation tips to online talks and events in the software testing community.

Jenny Bramble

Director of quality engineering, Papa


Bramble is a code tester and code-quality buff. She talks testing on Twitter with her takes on low-code and no-code testing solutions, the impact of software testing and code quality, why testing is human-driven, and other captivating concepts.

Maaike Brinkhof

Test consultant, iOS developer, and owner, Sensibly


Brinkhof stays at the forefront of code quality and test automation. She provides plenty of thought-provoking tweets on a variety of testing subjects, from best practices to real-world anecdotes about testing in the workplace. Tune into her Twitter feed to enrich your testing and software development journey.

Joe Colantonio

Founder, Test Guild


Colantonio founded Test Guild, which features a veritable treasure trove of software testing resources, ranging from blog posts and podcasts to online conferences. He is a test automation wizard capable of delivering high-level software testing knowledge and hyper-specific information for expert testers. He discusses loads of testing topics, such as the current state of test automation, selecting a low-code automation tool, behavior-driven development testing, and a slew of other software quality assurance subjects.

Lisa Crispin

Co-founder, Agile Testing Fellowship


Co-author of the enlightening book Agile Testing Condensed with Janet Gregory, Crispin is a talented software tester, trainer, and writer. She is particularly passionate about continuous delivery and helping software testers learn about working on an agile team. Join Crispin’s over 20,000 Twitter followers in continuing to learn about test automation.

Ben Dowen

Software quality assurance test engineer, PA Media


Dowen is a major champion of the software testing community. He not only writes test code, but also shares a plethora of resources about software testing, touching on everything from security and exploratory testing to career advice. He supports fellow testers with his Tester of the Day Hall of Fame and wonderful writing on the likes of test automation anatomy.

Marie Drake

Quality engineering manager, Zoopla


Software tester and tech blogger Marie Drake is a code-quality and software testing expert. With a particular passion for the end-to-end software testing platform Cypress, Drake may be found writing, speaking, and presenting about software testing topics such as how to leverage Cypress beyond functional testing.

Noemi Ferrera

Software development engineer, Amazon


Ferrera is a software engineer with over a decade of code-quality and software testing expertise. The self-taught developer has an impressive resume that includes the likes of IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Sauce Labs, and Amazon. Ferrera shares blogs and speaks about testing often, on an array of topics such as leveraging machine learning for test case execution decisions, using artificial intelligence to automate test case decisions, and a whole host of other subjects.  

Titus Fortner

Senior developer experience engineer, Sauce Labs


Open-source developer Fortner has a love for improving test automation. Fortner is especially knowledgeable about the Selenium test automation framework and Watir, which helps write automated tests for web apps. He gives lots of updates on test automation frameworks and specific testing solutions, and shares his thoughts about test data management.  

Janet Gregory

Co-founder, Agile Testing Fellowship


Gregory is a seasoned software tester, agile testing consultant, and writer. Notably, Gregory exhibits a zest for helping software testers mesh with agile teams, as well as teaching agile teams the merits of software testing. She offers her insight into agile testing, test automation, and agile development through her thoughtful tweets, blog posts, ebooks, and a variety of other media.

Paul Grizzaffi

Principal automation architect, Magenic


Grizzaffi is a seasoned test automation buff, blogger, writer, and keynote speaker. He advocates that test automation is crucial for delivering better software and that test automation is a key aspect of the overall software development cycle. Grizzaffi is a go-to for testing concepts like assertions in automation scripts or software test automation recommendations.

Paul Grossman

Senior software development engineer in test, Utopia Solutions


Grossman is a test automation enthusiast. The instructor and speaker provides loads of information for software testers of all skill levels. From book recommendations to test automation tools and approaches, Grossman is a fabulous software testing resource.

Matt Heusser

Managing director, Excelon Development


Heusser is a software fanatic with an appreciation for testing and code quality. He collaborates with test automation heavyweights to share knowledge such as exploring the test automation pyramid and its relevance in modern programming or discussing CI and CD for locating bugs. Join his over 7,000 followers to learn tons about testing from Matt's ample expertise.

Angie Jones

Senior director, developer relations for Applitools and Test Automation University


Jones is an absolute must-follow for any test automation enthusiast. She is a frequent keynote speaker, and her Twitter feed is ripe with awesome test automation content, including thoughtful commentary on testing methodology along with specific tutorials. Jone's "Automation Cookbook" recipes are particularly helpful. These under-10-minute videos are excellent for seasoned test engineers and new developers alike. Join her more than 72,000 Twitter followers.

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief evangelist, Perfecto


Kinsbruner is a renowned test automation luminary. Author of several books including Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals and The Digital Quality Handbook: Guide for Achieving Continuous Quality in a DevOps Reality, Kinsbruner has decades of testing experience under his belt. During his tenure at Sun Microsystems, he co-invented a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). While Kinsbruner is an all-around test automation guru, he's particularly knowledgeable about mobile testing. 

Andrew Knight

Software engineer, PrecisionLender


Knight specializes in overcoming testing challenges, with a particular focus on software testing automation. A regular blogger and speaker, he is a font of test automation information, offering tips and tricks for managing test data, tutorials about the Boa Constrictor C# Screenplay Pattern implementation, and insight about other fascinating testing topics.

Michael Larsen

Content development lead, Excelon Development


The software tester is a content creator extraordinaire, with a bevy of experience in blogging and podcasting about software testing topics. Larsen's podcasts include The Testing Show, sponsored by Qualitest, which focuses on many components of testing, ranging from code quality to emergency preparedness. If you're seeking lots of resources for software testing and test automation, Larsen has you covered.

Greg Paskal

Director of quality assurance, Ramsey Solutions


Test automation enthusiast Paskal is a teacher as well as code quality advocate. He is the author of the book Test Automation in the Real World. Additionally, he is the founder of the Open Test Technology Forum. By sharing a smorgasbord of software testing and test automation content, Paskal is a go-to for test automation tutorials, automation tips, and more.

Corina Pip

Senior test automation engineer, Sage Intacct


Pip shares her heaps of expertise about test automation in blog posts, tutorials, and even online courses including "IntelliJ for Test Automation Engineers." For test automation blog posts, tutorials, and editorials, Corina is a great resource.

Julia Pottinger

Manager training and development, QualityWorks


If you're eager to dive into test automation, Pottinger's thriving Twitter feed is chock-full of thought-provoking resources. It includes many articles written by Pottinger on topics such as getting a QA team ready for test automation and mobile app testing wins. As a blogger, YouTuber, and speaker, Pottinger is passionate about spreading her test automation mastery.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Principal test engineer, Vaisala


Pyhäjärvi is a tester, programmer, and teacher. She's also the author of the book Exploratory Testing and often shares her testing expertise through speaking engagements, blog posts, and podcast episodes. The winner of a EuroSTAR testing excellence award and an Agile Testing Days "Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person" award, Pyhäjärvi is a must-follow for testers of all skill levels.

Amber Race

Senior SDET, Adobe


Race is a great guide to the test automation space. Whether tweeting about testing tools, recommended practices, or her personal on-the-job learning, she is well worth a read. With previous positions at Climate Corp., Microsoft, and Big Fish Games, Race knows her stuff and is a tremendous asset for the testers of all skill levels.

Venkat Ramakrishnan

Software quality leader and senior test technologist (self-employed)


Software quality geek and test consultant Ramakrishnan doesn't keep his code-quality expertise to himself. Instead, he uses his experience to help lead digital transformation for businesses. And for the test automation community, Ramakrishnan is a certified course instructor with the Ministry of Testing. 

Alan Richardson

Head of digital marketing, AG Grid


With a passion for improving software development through testing, Richardson is a wonderful source of test automation knowledge. The developer and test automation buff has published a slew of books on testing including Java for Testers, Automating and Testing a REST API, and Selenium Simplified. From books and blog posts to tweets, Richardson shares his insightful thoughts on testing and automation.

Mark Winteringham

OpsBoss, Ministry of Testing


In addition to his role at the Ministry of Testing, Winteringham is co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic and a self-professed testing geek. He is the author of Testing Web APIs, which gives an overview of automated testing for web APIs. He shares his test automation expertise through a variety of media including publications and his Automation in Testing live-streams.

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