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30 test automation leaders to follow on Twitter

Matthew Heusser Managing Consultant, Excelon Development
Carl L. Shaulis Director of Engineering, Vrbo

Test automation plays a critical role in software delivery today. There are emerging open-source tools, native mobile tools, and new binaries for web apps. AI and high-volume automation are beginning to enter the mainstream as well.

Luckily, to make sense of all this, keep up with the latest trends, and help you avoid making test automation mistakes, there's a vibrant community of test automation pros who regularly share tips and insights on Twitter. 

Here are 30 voices in test automation you can find on Twitter who actually tweet about test tooling—plenty of agile testing, and performance testing and engineering. Whether you're getting up to speed on test automation basics, looking for the latest resources,  or wondering how AI will affect your job as a test automation engineer, these are the folks to follow.

Web browser automation 

Christian Bromann

Staff software engineer, Sauce Labs


Besides heading up the open-source program office at Sauce Labs, Bromann writes and speaks about emerging W3C standards to drive web browsers. 

Roy de Kleijn

Subject matter expert, BrowserStack


An automation specialist, de Kleijn works out of Utrecht, Netherlands, and covers the intersection of performance, functional testing, and reporting. His recent coverage includes how to build both test reporting and real-time performance dashboards.

Jim Evans

Selenium core contributor


Evans is a speaker at Automation Guild 2021. Follow him to learn the latest goings-on within the Selenium community. At publication, Evans had a swath of political tweets in his stream, but scroll down. The political tweets may make you think, but stay for the test automation.

Titus Fortner

Solutions architect, Sauce Labs


Fortner coined the term Dom-2-Database tests. In his day job, he performs automation readiness assessments, training, and intervention for teams building browser-driving test automation. He focuses on making the tests run quickly, doing parallelization, and eliminating "flaky" tests and test environments.

Paul Grossman

Senior software development engineer in test (SDET), Utopia Solutions


Grossman tweets about algorithms and user interface elements that are hard to simulate or automate. The technologies he covers are relatively broad, but generally involve writing code in a true programming language such as Java, Python, or the .NET family.

Unmesh Gundecha

Engineering leader, Standard Chartered Bank


With a mashup of links to webinars, free resources, memes, and short videos about mechanical automation and robots, Gundecha's tweet stream provides information and education. While some of the memes are pure fun (a goose and a puppy are friends), others address how to build products for accessibility or create mindmaps. You can see more of him at SeleniumSummit21.  

Corina Pip

Independent tester


Pip is the author of the waiter library, a code library that manages wait times for web browsers. She brings her sense of humor to the automation community through cartoons that you can find on her website. Pip also provides tutorials for Selenium using Java and TestNg.

Simon Mavi Stewart

Software engineer, Facebook


A former "thought-worker" who moved to Google to work on test automation tools, Stewart is now at Facebook. He created Webdriver, a browser-driving standard that's now a W3C specification. He is also an active organizer for SeleniumConf. Stewart brings his full self to his tweets, as a UK expat in the United States—and an insightful one, at that.

JavaScript and front end 

Gleb Bahmutov

Distinguished engineer, Cypress


A self-described "JavaScript Ninja," Bahmutov has contributed to numerous open-source projects. Lately he has been tweeting about building an IDE for JavaScript testing, along with visual regression testing, as opposed to pure-text-asserts.

Marie Drake

Quality engineering manager, Zoopla


Drake is the co-organizer of the Cypress UK Community Group on Meetup. She tweets about API testing, accessibility, and what not to automate. She also does more long-form blogging.  

Rudolf Groetz

Agile engineering coach, Raiffeisen Bank International


Groetz references himself on Twitter as the TestAutomationBuster. He is the founder of the Vienna TestAutomation Meetup, which, thanks to the global pandemic, is open to anyone. His recent tweets include a discussion of the Agile Engineering Maturity Model as well as testing microservices.

Filip Hric

QA lead, Slido


From his GitHub contributions to webinars to reviews of front-end test tools, Hric is trying to advance the conversation about front-end test automation by people who specialize in it. That includes creating courses on Udemy and Learn2Code, at a cost of dozens of dollars, not hundreds or thousands.

Andrey Lushnikov

Software engineer, Microsoft


Lushnikov works out of St. Petersburg, Russia. His career path has traversed Google and Facebook; these days he posts about testing tools, including Playwright and Puppeteer.

Angelo Stanton

CEO and founder, Automate the Planet


Stanton is a former executive with Telerik, a development tools provider, who went on to train, write, and speak about test automation. His current company makes test automation tools. Most of his examples use a Microsoft tech stack.

Platform and back end 

Gojko Adzic

Partner, Neuri Consulting LLP


Adzic was the initial (2011) winner of the Most Influential Agile Test Professional Person award. He is known for his books, especially Specification by Example. He is the winner of the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award. Adzic's recent explorations are in the world of serverless technologies.

Anthony Chu

Senior program manager, Microsoft


Formerly a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft, Chu is currently the senior program manager for Azure functions and Azure static web applications. If you'd like to learn about the platform that test automation swims in—especially from a Microsoft perspective—then you might want to follow Chu.

Jack Franklin

Builder of Chrome dev tools, Google


Franklin works for Google, working on Chrome dev tools and on Puppeteer and web tooling. His blog runs the gamut from process tips such as code review to shortcuts to remap the keyboard in Windows. You will find Franklin bringing scripting to life in his podcast, @FishandScripts.

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief evangelist, Perfecto


Kinsbruner is the author of a book titled Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals. He has other books and blog posts that are designed to help the modern testing community.

Behavior-driven development (BDD) and process

Gáspár Nagy

Owner, Spec Solutions


Creator of the Specflow open-source BDD framework for .NET, Nagy is a self-proclaimed BDD addict. He views test and quality as a team sport; his recent work focuses on "whole-team quality."

Seb Rose

BDD advocate, Smartbear


Perhaps best known for his conference speaking and BDD coaching, Rose co-wrote Discovery: Explore Behaviour Using Examples with Nagy.

Mobile test automation  

Jonathan Lipps

Leader and primary contributor, Appium


Lipps participates in conferences including Automation Guild and advocates for leveraging Appium 2.0 for mobile testing at scale.

Scott Nimrod

Founder, Bizmonger


Functional programming, along with actual video examples of how programs are created, are two things we don’t see enough of in software. Nimrod streams himself live creating his passion projects, including DevOps for mobile applications using Xamarin.

Other automation specialists 

Simon Berner

Test automation consultant, House of Test Consulting


Berner is an active presenter through the Ministry of Test and a supporter of Agile Testing Days. His online courses can help get you started in tooling—or raise the bar on your career.

Joe Colantonio

Founder, TestGuild


Creator of the TestGuild conferences, Colantonio also runs the TestTalks podcast, recently renamed the TestGuild Automation podcast. His tweet stream is the place to go for information about what is happening in the world of software test automation. 

Paul Grizzaffi

Principal automation architect, Magenic


Grizzaffi is also an advisor for the STPCon testing conference. His latest interest is high-volume automated testing, which adds randomization and massive scale to find problems that individually crafted tests will often miss.

Kristin Jackvony

Principal engineer for quality, Paylocity


A prolific blogger at thinkingtester.com, Jackvony is willing to make her experiences with test tooling public. In 2020, she reviewed a book a month about testing and delivery. If you'd like to read more but don't have the time, consider reading Kristin’s reviews. It's a triple threat. First she'll limit the selection set to the best books, then provide great value for the time invested, and help you decide if you want to read more and pick it up for yourself. 

Angie Jones

Principal developer advocate, Applitools


Jones is the driving force behind as well as the director of Test Automation University. She provides training in Java, shares links that grow careers, and is the 2020 winner of the Most Influential Agile Professional Person award.

Abigail Bangser

Site reliability engineer, Duffel


Bangser combines technical prowess with an analytical, humanistic angle. She starts at the beginning, and moves very fast. It's worth trying to keep up.

Alan Richardson

Head of developer relations, Secure Code Warrior


A long-term member of the test community, Richardson is a teacher of testing as well as an asker of taboo questions with a sarcastic but helpful side. He has written several books, including Dear Evil Tester and Automating and Testing a REST API

Jonathon Wright

CTO, Digital Assured


A TedX speaker on the topic of cognitive engineering, Wright is a host on the QALead podcast. He tweets about the conferences he is attending, podcasts he is recording, books he is reading, and the other ways he is learning and growing.


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