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100 DevOps leaders, enthusiasts, and experts you should follow today

Mike Perrow Technology Evangelist, Vertica

Every subject has dozens of self-proclaimed experts. DevOps is no different. It's easy to get inundated with the overwhelming amount of information available. But look no further. We've compiled a list of the top 100 DevOps leaders, enthusiasts, and influencers you should be following right now.

The DevOps 100

1. Adam Jacob — Twitter @adamhjk

Adam is the cofounder and chief technology officer at Chef.

2. Alison Gianotto — Twitter @snipeyhead

Alison was featured in Fast Company and has been named one of the top tech executives to follow by Business Insider.

3. Anders Wallgren — Twitter @anders_wallgren

Anders is an MIT graduate who works as the chief technology officer at Electric Cloud. Read his recent TechBeacon article As the IoT expands, agile is the way forward.

4. Andi Mann — Twitter @AndiMann

Andi is a business technology strategist at Sageable and a blogger at

5. Andrew Hay — Twitter @andrewsmhay

Andrew is the manager of OpenDNS and has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, USA Today, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

6. Andrew Storms — Twitter @st0rmz

Andrew is the vice president of security services at New Context and a contributor.

7. Adrian Cockcroft — Twitter @adrianco

Adrian is an advisor for Battery Ventures and served as a cloud architect at Netflix.

8. Ralph Loura — Twitter @RalphLoura

Ralph is CIO of the Enterprise Group at Hewlett Packard. He regularly blogs and will be speaking at the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit.

9. Andrew Clay Schafer — Twitter @littleidea

Andrew is the senior director of technology at Pivotal.

10. Baron Schwartz — Twitter @xaprb

Baron is an international DevOps speaker and the author of High Performance MYSQL.

11. Brendan Gregg — Twitter @brendangregg

Brendan is an international DevOps speaker and the author of Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud.

12. Bryan Cantrill — Twitter @bcantrill

Bryan is Joyent's chief technology officer and was named by MIT as one of the top 35 technologists under the age of 35.

13. Cameron Haight — Twitter @haightspeech

Cameron is a DevOps veteran who serves as a research vice president at Gartner.

14. Carl Quinn — Twitter @cquinn

Carl is a software architect for Riot Games and host of the popular podcast, Java Posse.

15. Carmen DeArdo — Twitter @carmendeardo

Carmen is the director of application development for Nationwide Insurance.

16. Chris Corriere — Twitter @cacorriere

Chris is a DevOps engineer for AutoTrader and regularly contributes at

17. Chris Read — Twitter @cread

Chris is a popular guest contributor on podcasts and videos regarding DevOps.

18. Chris Riley — Twitter @HoardingInfo

Chris is the founder and DevOps analyst for Fixate IO.

19. Courtney Kissler — Twitter @chawklady

Courtney is the vice president of e-commerce and store technologies for Nordstrom and has been recognized by Hewlett-Packard as a DevOps expert who is redefining leadership in IT.

20. Courtney Nash — Twitter @courtneynash

Courtney is an academic neuroscientist who is also the director of strategic content at O'Reilly Media.

21. Damon Edwards — Twitter @damonedwards

Damon is the cofounder of DTO Solutions and focuses on DevOps for e-commerce and cloud-based businesses.

22. Dan Gordon — Twitter @dbgordon

Dan is the product manager for Electric Cloud and is passionate about enabling software companies to deliver the value of high velocity to their customers

23. Dan North — Twitter @tastapod

Dan is a renowned international speaker and agile programming coach.

24. Dave Farley — Twitter @davefarley77

Dave is a thought leader in the DevOps community who co-authored the award-winning book Continuous Delivery.

25. David Geer — Twitter @geercom

David is a contributor who has been featured in Scientific American, The Economist, and many other publications.

26. David Mortman — Twitter @mortman

David is the chief security architect at Dell.

27. Derek Weeks — Twitter @weekstweets

Derek is the vice president of Sonatype and author of the book The DevOps Toolkit: Building the Software Supply Chain.

28. Dominica DeGrandis — Twitter @dominicad

Dominica is a DevOps evangelist well-known for her work as a DevOps trainer. She recently joined LeanKit as its director of training and coaching.

29. Donnie Berkholtz Twitter @dberkholz

Donnie is the research director at 451 Research, responsible for development, DevOps, and research.

30. Elisabeth Hendrickson — Twitter @testobsessed

Elisabeth is Pivotal's vice president of engineering as well as the author of Explore It.

31. Em Campbell-Pretty — Twitter @PrettyAgile

Em is a partner at Context Matters, Australia's leading agile consultancy.

32. Eric Passmore — Twitter @ericpassmore

Eric is chief technology officer of online publishing and media at Microsoft.

33. Ericka Chickowski — Twitter @ErickaChick

Ericka is an award-winning writer who has been featured in many publications, including Entrepreneur magazine, covering information technology and business innovation.

34. Esther Derby — Twitter @estherderby

Esther is president of esther derby associates, inc., and is widely known for her blog posts and tweets regarding agile development and DevOps.

35. Evelijn van Leeuwen — Twitter @evelijn

Evelijn is the IT and support services manager at ING.

36. Gareth Rushgrove — Twitter @garethr

Gareth is a senior software engineer at Puppet Labs and the curator of DevOps Weekly.

37. Gene Kim — Twitter @RealGeneKim

Gene is an award-winning chief technology officer and a co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.

38. George Hulme — Twitter @georgevhulme

George is an internationally recognized writer who has written for many publications, including the San Francisco Examiner, covering information security.

39. George Spafford — Twitter @gspaff

George is the research director for Gartner and a co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, And Helping Your Business Win.

40. Gordon Haff — Twitter @ghaff

Gordon is Red Hat's cloud evangelist and the author of the book Computing Next.

41. Guillaume Laforge — Twitter @glaforge

Guillaume is a DevOps blogger and a product and developer advocate leader at Restlet.

42. Haseeb Budhani — Twitter @haseebbudhani

Haseeb is cofounder and chief executive officer of Soha and a frequent DevOps speaker.

43. Heather Mickman — Twitter @hmmickman

Heather is the leader of the API and integration team at Target.

44. Jabe Bloom — Twitter @cyetain

Jabe is a DevOps speaker who regularly blogs about Lean UX and development.

45. James Smith — Twitter @TheDevMgr

James is a software development consultant who has helped Dell, KFC, and Pizza Hut develop transactional technology.

46. James Turnbull — Twitter @kartar

James is the vice president of engineering for Kickstarter, an advisor to Docker, and author of six technical books.

47. Jan-Joost Bouwman — Twitter @JanJoostBouwman

Jan is a DevOps evangelist and international speaker.

48. Jason Cox — Twitter @jasonacox

Jason is the director of systems engineering for the Walt Disney Company and a national DevOps speaker.

49. Jesse Robbins — Twitter @jesserobbins

Jesse is the founder and CEO of Orion.

50. Jez Humble — Twitter @jezhumble

Jez is vice president of Chef and co-author of the book Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley.

51. Jim Stoneham — Twitter @jimstoneham

Jim is the CEO of Opsmatic and former vice president of Yahoo Communities.

52. Joe McKendrick — Twitter @joemckendrick

Joe is a Forbes contributor who regularly covers cloud computing and information technology.

53. John Allspaw — Twitter @allspaw

John is the senior vice president of technical operations for Etsy.

54. John Vincent — Twitter @lusis

John is a senior engineer at Stormpath and regularly blogs about DevOps and agile infrastructure.

55. John Willis — Twitter @botchagalupe

John is an international DevOps speaker and evangelist for Docker.

56. Jon Schneider — Twitter @jdotp

Jon is the DevOps and Internet Jedi at Mozilla.

57. Josh Corman — Twitter @joshcorman

Josh is the cofounder and chief technology officer of Rugged Software.

58. JP Morgenthal — Twitter @jpmorgenthal

JP is a blogger and author of four books, including his most recent one, Cloud Computing: Assessing the risks.

59. J. Paul Reed — Twitter @SoberBuildEng

J. Paul has over a decade of engineering experience working for companies including VMware, Symantec, and Mozilla.

60. Julian Simpson — Twitter @builddoctor

Julian is a tech consultant and international DevOps speaker.

61. Kaimar Karu — Twitter @kaimarkaru

Kaimar is an information technology service enthusiast and an avowed believer in the DevOps philosophy.

62. Kathryn Kuhn — Twitter @Kathryn_E_Kuhn

Hewlett-Packard named Kathryn one of five DevOps experts who are redefining leadership in information technology.

63. Kent Beck — Twitter @KentBeck

Kent is a programmer and one of the original signers of the Agile Manifesto.

64. Kevin Behr — Twitter @KevinBehr

Kevin is the global chief information officer at HedgeServ and a co-author of The Phoenix Project.

65. Kevina Finn-Braun — Twitter @kfinnbraun

Kevina is Salesforce's director of site reliability and previously worked for Yahoo as its director of business continuity.

66. Kit Colbert — Twitter @KitColbert

Kit is the vice president and chief technology officer of cloud native apps for VMware.

67. Kris Buytaert — Twitter @KrisBuytaert

Kris is the cofounder and CTO of

68. Kurt Bittner — Twitter @ksbittner

Kurt is a principal analyst at Forrester Research, focusing on the organizational impacts of agile development techniques.

69. Liz Keogh — Twitter @lunivore

Liz is a Lean and agile consultant who regularly blogs about continuous delivery.

70. Lori MacVittie — Twitter @lmacvittie

Lori is a blogger and an award-winning technology editor.

71. Mandi Walls — Twitter @lnxchk

Mandi is a technical practice manager at Chef who tweets about DevOps and other tech topics.

72. Mark Hinkle — Twitter @mrhinkle

Mark is Citrix's senior director of open source solutions as well as a blogger on topics regarding DevOps and cloud computing.

73. Martin Fowler — Twitter @martinfowler

Martin is the chief scientist of ThoughtWorks and has also written numerous books on software development.

74. Martin Logan — Twitter @martinjlogan

Martin is a veteran technologist and one of the founding members of

75. Matt Asay — Twitter @mjasay

Matt is the vice president of mobile at Adobe.

76. Matt Jaynes — Twitter @nanobeep

Matt is the founder of DevOps University and author of Taste Test.

77. Matthias Marschall — Twitter @mmarschall

Matthias is HELPSTER's chief technology officer and blogs regularly about continuous delivery and infrastructure automation.

78. Mike Orzen — Twitter @MikeOrzen

Mike is a seasoned IT professional who is also a sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant.

79. Mirco Hering — Twitter @MircoHering

Mirco is the agile senior manager at Accenture.

80. Nicole Forsgren — Twitter @nicolefv

Nicole is the director of organizational performance and analytics at Chef and a renowned expert on DevOps.

81. Patrick Debois — Twitter @patrickdebois

Patrick is a co-author of The DevOps Cookbook and is considered by many the godfather of DevOps.

82. Paula Thrasher — Twitter @paula_thrasher

Paula is an application delivery lead at CSC.

83. Prabhakar Gopalan — Twitter @PGopalan

Hewlett Packard named Prabhakar as one of five DevOps experts who are redefining leadership in information technology.

84. Ramona Jackson — Twitter @MoTee1Up

Ramona has over 25 years of IT experience and serves as Cisco's IT director.

85. Rosalind Radcliffe — Twitter @RosalindRad

Rosalind is a distinguished engineer at IBM and the author of Mobile to Mainframe DevOps for Dummies.

86. Ross Clanton — Twitter @RossClanton

Ross is a DevOps enthusiast with over 16 years of IT experience.

87. Sam Fell — Twitter @samueldfell

Sam is a DevOps enthusiast in charge of product marketing for Electric Cloud.

88. Sanjeev Sharma — Twitter @sd_architect

Sanjeev is the author of DevOps for Dummies.

89. Sascha Bates — Twitter @sascha_d

Sascha is a Chef consultant who regularly blogs about DevOps and women in the tech industry.

90. Sean Hull — Twitter @hullsean

Sean is a database engineer at Grovo.

91. Seth Chisamore — Twitter @schisamo

Seth is the release engineering lead for Chef.

92. Stephen Nelson-Smith — Twitter @lordcope

Stephen is the author of Agile Sysadmin.

93. Stephen Thair — Twitter @TheOpsMgr

Stephen is the cofounder of and a regular speaker on web performance and load testing.

94. Tanay Nagjee — LinkedIn (no longer on Twitter) Tanay Nagjee

Tanay is a seasoned software engineer who works at Veeva Systems.

95. Tapabrata Pal — Twitter @TopoPal

Tapabrata is a director and platform engineering fellow at Capital One.

96. Tom Limoncelli — Twitter @yesthattom

Tom is best known for his three books, including his most recent one, The Practice of Cloud System Administration.

97. Tomer Levy — Twitter @TomerLevy

Tomer is a blogger and the chief executive officer of

98. Tony Bradley — Twitter @gettechspective

Tony is a leading authority on technology who has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

99. Xavier Amatriain — Twitter @xamat

Xavier is the vice president of engineering for Quora.

100. Yoav Landman — Twitter @_yoav_

Yoav is the cofounder and chief technology officer of JFrog.

Who is your favorite DevOps expert? Let us know who else to follow in the comments section.

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