Information Security (Info Sec)

What’s critical in SAST, DAST, IAST, and related app security technologies? Where do I start? This 22-page guide helps you find the best tools and... 
Application Security Buyer's Guide + Sample RFP 
Download this (FREE) 161-page book designed to help you improve the software testing of your mobile apps, particularly using mobile analytics.
The Mobile Analytics Playbook
The SANS 2016 State of Application Security reports that AppSec is continuing to mature within organizations according to the 475 respondents...
SANS 2016 State of Application Security
Download this comprehensive eBook on the state of performance engineering, based on a survey of 400 development, testing and IT professionals.
State of Performance Engineering 2015-16
This survey report of 435 professionals reveals gaps are closing between application developers and IT security although significant challenges...
SANS 2015 State of Application Security
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