18 min read - How hunt teams can use security detection analytics to respond to hidden threats.
5 min read - Microservices are really the decomposition of traditional "macro" services. Learn how this new architectural style is changing IT operations.
5 min read - Learn the emerging best practices around scaling containers, including running and configuring within the Docker environment.
7 min read - A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system can improve your threat detection and response capabilities. Do you know the basics?
5 min read - Check out this short video tutorial on applying SAFe with HPE Agile Manager.
9 min read - Learn how to start building high-performance features from the start of the design process with performance requirements in user stories.
8 min read - There's a better way to decide which projects to prioritize and fund in your agile estimation and program management process: WSJF.
5 min read - In this screencast demo, you'll learn the basic features of HPE Mobile Center 2.0 and Amazon Device Farm integration.
14 min read - Learn the most frequent techniques product managers and agile leaders use to write user stories that lead to perfect MVPs, and later, great products!
12 min read - Learn how to split user stories down to their most simple components so that developers can turn them around quickly for user feedback.