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5 min read - Organizations need to incorporate proactive, comprehensive domain protection into their cybersecurity strategy. Here's how.
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6 min read - Shadow IT poses challenges no single technology will effectively mitigate. You need a multilayered defense strategy. You need zero trust.
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5 min read - Human service representatives aren't enough. Neither are interactive voice response systems. But there's a third way: conversational voice AI.
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6 min read - Digital innovation may be the key to avoiding getting caught in the digital transformation trap.
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5 min read - Adding new technology to your IT infrastructure adds complexity—which adds security risk. Here are some tips on how to fight complexity in advance.
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6 min read - CPRA, an update to California's CCPA data-protection law, takes effect in less than a year. New research exposes companies' unpreparedness.
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5 min read - Advanced persistent threats are getting more cunning and prolific. Defenders have to get smarter—by augmenting SecOps with AI and automation.
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5 min read - Agile upends the old order. Agile organizations have to let go of top-down leadership, embrace collaboration, learn continuously, and welcome change.
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5 min read - Interested in workflow automation to make your business processes more efficient? Start with a plan. Here's how.
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6 min read - Cloud outages are inevitable. But with BGP + Anycast combined, your disaster recovery solution can be touchless, self-healing, and ready for anything.
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