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7 min read - After interviewing at some of the biggest high-tech firms, software engineer Angie Jones concludes that many still don't know how to attract women...
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5 min read - Going big with agile? TechBeacon Learn shows you how to do it, soup to nuts.
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8 min read - Most execs know a little about agile dev methods—but it's not enough. Here are the common misunderstandings and what you can do about them.
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7 min read - Code ownership rules should change as a project evolves. Agile isn't right for all projects and all teams.
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7 min read - Rethink your cross-functional teams, how to engage executives, and other key conference takeaways.
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12 min read - With fast estimation your agile teams can estimate at a much faster clip, without losing accuracy.
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23 min read - The two-week sprint is almost ubiquitous in agile. Why? Anthony Crain explains why myopic adherence to this iteration length is hurting teams.
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6 min read - An agile coach's role is to deliver business value, but not all deliver. Here's the right way to do the job.
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13 min read - Learn the most frequent techniques product managers and agile leaders use to write user stories that lead to perfect MVPs, and later, great products!
6 min read - Here's how to make self-organized DevOps teams works in your organization—and avoid the "Zen" factor.
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