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5 min read - Smart mobile app monitoring covers six areas: UI response time, crashes, errors, battery consumption, and data consumption. Here's how to measure...
Mobile app monitoring tips and tricks: What to measure and monitor?
6 min read - HP Online Software's Vadim Iofis talks about Docker, using DevOps to migrate apps to SaaS and other software delivery topics.
Vadim Iofis talks about using DevOps to migrate apps to SaaS.
5 min read - Relying on performance testing alone can lead to failures of Healthcare.gov proportions. Performance engineering will help you avoid such disasters.
5 min read - For mobile apps, user experience (UX) is everything! Users want reliable, fast, and simple apps that integrate easily and don't drain the battery.
For mobile apps, user experience (UX) is crucial. If your UX is bad, users will simply move on to other apps.
5 min read - When mobile app performance fails, it can be a disaster. Users have high expectations, so take a performance-first approach to development.
Survey says: when mobile app performance fails, the user experience (UX) is bad. Study the statistics!
5 min read - Any new idea or innovation must start with a strong business justification. DevOps is no different. Here's how to build a successful DevOps...
5 min read - The longer organizations use agile practices, the higher they value quality assurance and customer experience.
5 min read - Costs is crucial to building a strong DevOps case. Here's how to create a DevOps business case that includes all costs—and avoids surprises.