5 min read - DevOps teams seeking greater application performance and easier scalability should examine their data engine.
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5 min read - It's challenging to figure out which security vulnerabilities you need to fix first. Here are some guidelines to help you decide.
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5 min read - How do you close the DevSecOps infinite loop? By ensuring that security information continuously flows among all team members: dev, ops, and security.
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5 min read - Organizations must implement security and compliance earlier in the development cycle, and it's not an either-or choice. Here are some ways to do...
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5 min read - AI and automation can be used to take competitive advantage of multi-cloud while managing privacy and security effectively and efficiently.
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5 min read - Decision point! Confronted with countless pressures, IT leaders struggle to prioritize vital transformation strategies. It is a dilemma: Where...
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5 min read - Migrating from legacy systems that are often patched with digital duct tape is not easy. Johnathan Hunt looks at securing your app modernization...
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5 min read - There is no one-stop shop for handling supply chain attack threats. Better protection of credentials is a start. There are other steps OSS...
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5 min read - Will the prospect of another massive security vulnerability such as Log4Shell drive open-source regulation? If it does, how will it control open...
5 min read - Modernizing COBOL mainframe apps has become easier now that they can now host containers and work with a new generation of development tools.
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