9 min read - Crowdsourced workforces are here. But making it possible requires sophisticated tech, which opens doors for dev and ops.
The majority of the workforces now work part time as independent contractors rather than salaried employees. This is only possible because of the web, mobile apps, and sophisticated back end -- a challenge that also creates new opportunities.
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No single flavor of agile suits everyone, but the basic principles of agile development are alive and well across many organizations, who tend to combine practices from different agile disciplines rather than follow a specific method.
5 min read - Short mobile release cycles can help you manage app store rankings, device and OS updates, user abandonment, new feature testing, and developer...
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5 min read - Got a new release? Don't just run the same performance testing as last time. Loads change and tests should too. User modeling with UCML can guide you.
Planning is one of the most important tasks in your performance testing process. When choosing which business processes to include in performance testing, many organizations still follow the 80/20 rule. How do you decide which pieces of the application fa
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