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5 min read - When criminals hold your data for ransom, should it be illegal for you pay it?
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6 min read - There's more to cloud-migration planning than powering up your workloads. There's also the cost element. Here are six common FinOps oversights.
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5 min read - The tech sector saw more than 1,800 M&A deals happen in 2022. Here's how to prep your company for the current wave of software-vendor consolidation.
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5 min read - Data-protection regulations are fine—unless they contribute to security blind spots. Go beyond compliance and take an everything-everywhere approach.
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6 min read - AppDev suffers from a talent gap and a communication gap. Citizen development needs to evolve to fill the widening app gap between supply and demand.
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6 min read - Modernizing your systems? There's more than one way to undergo a legacy transformation. Here are five possible approaches.
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9 min read - Cloud spend has gotten out of control. Here's what companies can do about it. (Hint: It's not having the CFO wave around a cloud invoice.)
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6 min read - Penetration testing can be overwhelming to reactive-thinking CISOs. Here's an overview of initial considerations in getting started with pen testing.
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5 min read - How do you get your DevOps team on cloud nine across nine clouds? You'll have to get a grip on your multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments.
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10 min read - To celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2023, TechBeacon asked Bing AI for its best enterprise-technology jokes about St. Patrick's Day.
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