6 min read - Threat modeling magnifies as more people buy in. Here's how to put the Threat Modeling Manifesto into action for more resilient code.
5 min read - The wave of digital transformation is breaking over business. Here's how to protect data and applications—and preserve your company's value chain.
5 min read - The moral of the story? Watch out for scam clones of your app, and for bad reviews targeting similarly named apps.
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8 min read - Focus on the right things when planning your multi-cloud architecture for peak performance. What's most important: common services that span clouds.
6 min read - While adopting new technologies like cloud native is essential, make sure you bring application security along every step of the way.
5 min read - Among other things in this multi-cloud world, experts say, depth is more important than breadth, you should automate, and don't neglect the interface.
5 min read - Not only is SAST your first line of defense, but by making sure you integrate seamlessly with agile pipelines, you'll increase your release cadence.
5 min read - Trust doesn't depend on co-location. Broaden your understanding of the Agile Manifesto and embrace the flexibility of the new remote era.
5 min read - Phillip Jenkinson, CEO of Baidam Solutions, provides pathways to IT employment for indigenous Australians. Listen in to his story.
Phillip Jenkinson
7 min read - To deliver value consistently and reliably, your organization must establish effective process governance—and all that goes along with it.