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6 min read - Organizations that have made a shift to agile purely as a means to cut costs often exhibit curious behavior.
5 min read - When moving to agile, you need to overcome 3 key obstacles. A veteran developer offers battle-tested tips for success.
5 min read - DevOps and continuous delivery are seen as both an extension of agile and the greatest opportunity to gain enterprise-wide value.
10 min read - What does it mean to use agile methods in software development today? And what does "pure agile" mean? Leading experts weigh in.
No single flavor of agile suits everyone, but the basic principles of agile development are alive and well across many organizations, who tend to combine practices from different agile disciplines rather than follow a specific method.
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5 min read - Agile is no panacea for DevOps folks. Phil Simon discusses overcoming a few cultural issues and other drawbacks that will kill any agile project.
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5 min read - What's the best software development model or method for DevOps? Phil Simon takes a deeper look at four benefits of agile methods.
With so many independent variables at play, it's not difficult to understand why trite project management bromides such as
5 min read - Moving to iterative agile practices is a big push right now, but if your company's culture isn't ready for the change, you should reset your...
Moving to iterative agile practices is all the rage right now, but is your company up to the challenge? If the culture isn't ready for such a big change, you need to reset your expectations.