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7 min read - Business leaders must plan for the domino effects of risk events. Collaboration, third-party data, and artificial intelligence can be vital tools.
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5 min read - Phishing attacks are getting costlier, more sophisticated, and more prolific. Cut the risk of being lured in when targeted by phishers. Go to school!
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5 min read - Scripts can be brittle, inadequate, and inefficient as well as hard to track and debug. Instead of using them, IT teams should codify their fleet.
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5 min read - The shape of the APIs is changing, as is API management. We look at what DevOps needs to know about the transformation of API.
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5 min read - COBOL has a youth culture? Yes! COBOL programmers aren't a bunch of dinosaurs, and the language of COBOL is far from extinct.
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5 min read - Flutter continues to soar to new heights as today’s new 'it' mobile application framework. These four Flutter tips will help you fly.
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5 min read - DevOps is more than a methodology for managing handoff between developers and IT. Dive into the future of DevOps with Forrester analyst Charles Betz,
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5 min read - When should you declare an IT event an incident? And why?
5 min read - Measuring public cloud reliability through a single metric such as uptime vs. outages doesn't tell the whole story.
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6 min read - Why does open source matter for developers? Here are some of the many reasons.
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