7 min read - While adoption of containers is on the rise, so are the risks. Here's what to consider as you plan your container strategy.
5 min read - Making a conscious choice to get into technical debt is OK, but not if you don't have a plan to pay it down. Here's how to get started.
8 min read - The center to Uber's business is performance engineering optimized to service Uber's crowdsourced business model.
6 min read - Building a minimum viable product (MVP) for an enterprise is far different from building one for a startup. Here's what you need to know to get...
To build a credible enterprise solution, even to be run as a pilot, is a significant undertaking. You still need to make sure you're not distracted outside the core functionality (minimum viable product).
11 min read - With hundreds of thousands of software engineer jobs available online, and more posted every hour, how do you find the perfect job for you?
The key to finding the
13 min read - Gartner and Forrester have long been the standard in technology consulting, but if you need to save money, these crowdsourced sites offer an...


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