8 min read - The rapid pace of change in technology makes it difficult for training and certification programs to keep up, and DevOps training is in the infant...
8 min read - DevOps innovation requires the kind of experience that older IT pros can deliver in spades.
Old Guys Rule T-Shirt
5 min read - Kubernetes has many complex security features, but here are the main things you absolutely must get right.
7 min read - In CloudOps, developers must take on more operational and security responsibilities, which means rethinking how they code, test, and deploy their...
5 min read - Data from the 2016 DevOps Salary Report shows that companies are investing in people who have the skill sets that can make IT a strong, competitive...
devops salary report
6 min read - Citizen developers are here to stay. Traditional IT departments cannot respond to business needs quickly enough. Can organizations safely harness...
5 min read - Here's how attackers compromise containerized applications. Learn from them to bolster your container-based app sec.
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9 min read - ITSM—by tapping automation, AI, predictive analytics, and intelligent collaboration—will become the new face of IT.
6 min read - Don't forget knowledge management and other key processes in your desire to do more with less. ITSM requires time, money, and energy.