5 min read - COBOL is an IT backbone. Things we take for granted, such as taking money out of an ATM, depend upon it and many developers love it.
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5 min read - Digital transformation is a series of hundreds of small decisions. Rely on plans, not maps. Here’s a plan to help you navigate your journey.
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9 min read - IT must run the day-to-day while transforming for the future. Here's an overview and five areas where IT can deliver value through digital...
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5 min read - Embedded finance is providing opportunities to reach new audiences at scale and at a reduced cost of acquisition. Banks need to investigate this...
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5 min read - Decision point! Confronted with countless pressures, IT leaders struggle to prioritize vital transformation strategies. It is a dilemma: Where...
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5 min read - Modernizing COBOL mainframe apps has become easier now that they can now host containers and work with a new generation of development tools.
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8 min read - Consider these tips when moving mission-critical data to the cloud.
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8 min read - Organizations have to contend with many headwinds. Here's how digital transformation can address four of them.
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5 min read - Software written for extensibility is designed to allow new capabilities or functionality.
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5 min read - Most of the world's daily transactions are still processed on mainframes, but that is changing as businesses adopt a hybrid mainframe/cloud...
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