The wave of digital transformation is breaking over business. Here's how to protect data and applications—and preserve your company's value chain.
SolarWinds probably won’t be the last such compromise. This may be because we got what we asked for in the crypto wars of the 1990s.
In the past, data security focused on data confidentiality. Now it needs to focus on the integrity and availability of data. Here are the top trends.
Here's how to ensure that the data you store in the cloud is useful for business analytics while still being protected from unauthorized access.
Dev: Don’t use third-party SDKs unless you’re sure what data is collected. IT: Help your users choose the best privacy settings on their devices.
The moral of the story? Definitely one to watch, but beware getting sucked into a new privacy play that’s going nowhere.
Here's why your team should embark on a data minimization effort as soon as possible, or risk being made an example by privacy regulators.
They’re not giving up. So if you use end-to-end encryption, listen to the wind blow (but I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain).
The moral of the story? If your apps gather location data, think carefully about what you do with it. And if you’re buying it, get a steady job.
Trends reflect a concern with the shared responsibility model for cloud security. Here are five key things your team needs to know.