Whether you develop your own solution or go off the shelf, AI creates an efficient and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.
There's just too much happening for manual security processes to catch it all. Here are some suggestions for how to get started with automation.
Companies need to tackle vulnerabilities earlier, educate developers more, and deploy tools to automate the early discovery and remediation of flaws.
A well-managed identity and access management program can turn security reviews into a welcome collaboration instead of just more work. Here's how.
Looking to embark on endpoint encryption? Here is a walk-through of the different encryption strategies you need to know.
Keep an eye on this story, to see how the courts interpret the CFAA and other laws.
While barriers remain, the move to test automation has already borne results, reducing overall application security risk for one.
ITIL can help you build a service-driven, customer-focused culture, but it can also quash creativity. Be careful what you wish for.
If software is eating the world, then security—or lack thereof—is eating software. That's why you need to pay attention to the API Security Top 10.
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