Fool me once, sure. But is there an appropriate saying for what to do when you get fooled for the 11th time?
The moral: Active threat response is key. How far will you go to root out bad actors?
The moral: What secrets might your org be leaking via free apps? Is there a red-team opportunity here?
Why is machine learning so hard? Are better SecOps metrics coming? Resilience is the new way forward. Prep for this year's show with our primer.
With SecOps, it’s best to narrow your focus so you can quickly detect threat actors. Here's how to put the Attack framework to work on your team.
The moral of the story? Like Apple, you might once have been different, but dev entropy is inevitable (cf. death and taxes).
Get rid of your silos and start streamlining processes so you can take advantage of the benefits of automation in both IT and security.
The moral: Take care designing your account recovery flow to avoid DoS vuln. And take care with your schema to avoid creating a well-known index.
The moral of the story? How could your service be misused by cryptominers? Time to red-team this puppy.
The moral of the story? How much of your infrastructure is built on badly funded open-source projects?