These three emerging techniques are making it possible for the enterprise to keep its cake in a digital vault while still sneaking a byte. 
Did the FBI do the right thing by patching Exchange? Even a perfectly valid goal shouldn’t justify any means of attaining it.
When formulating a data protection strategy, be sure to identify all operational databases that could present serious problems if breached.
The moral of the story? Insurance is the last line in the sand. There’s so much more in-depth defense you can do.
Is this the start of a trend? If so, your organization can’t rely on insurance in the future.
You may not be able to make your systems secure, but you just might be able to make them good enough to handle what the real world throws at them. 
Can you feel it? That’s the wind changing. If your business model relies on selling users’ data, perhaps it’s untenable.
For cloud security and privacy, you need a list of action items to serve as your pillars. Here's where to start.
The moral: If your brand/culture has a pro-privacy stance, consider opting your sites out of the FLoC trial.
Here's how to get started on a sustainable path with your data. Think of it as a green new deal.