With a remote workforce, you need to move security beyond the perimeter. Here's why zero trust with identity and access management is critical.
This week's moral of the story is threefold: Test your passwords against breaches, make a post-breach plan—and consider passwordless authentication.
Cloud services providers deliver good security overall. But in a multi-cloud world, enterprises should pay more attention to key management.
If you’re writing C++ code, use best practices to manage memory. If you’re using or considering Rust, don’t treat it as a magic panacea.
Key and secrets management a problem? Here's a three-pronged strategic approach to adopt for better data protection.
The moral of the story? DevSecOps red-team exercises need to include OSINT from dorking, etc.
If more security people embrace these ideas, people will view security teams differently and positive change will become the norm.
Machine learning, AI, big data and analytics combine to deliver behavioral analytics, which can identify malicious activity and stop cyberattacks.
The moral of the story? Choose up-to-date hardware, and configure it correctly. And consider disabling suspend.
Here are four lessons from major breaches on how to catch the next seemingly small software bug, before it snowballs into a massive breach.