This conference is great for anyone leading a technology transformation, and for DevOps pros in all aspects of their careers.
If you're at a loss on how to explain why your leaders need to invest in DevOps, here's how to make the pitch.
Here's how one company achieved no downtime when moving from monthly to bi-weekly deployments. The move opens up the road for deploying on demand.
Making the wrong DevOps infrastructure choices can slow down development. Here's how to get the right mix. Hint: Open culture and strong skills count.
Many DevOps failures can be traced to the wrong attitude and understanding of what the organization would achieve. Here's how to fix that.
SRE exceeded Accenture's expectations for both the operations team and customers. Is it right for your organization? Here's how they did it.
DevOps isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. Here are some situations where it makes more sense to adopt only a little bit—or none at all.
The right combination of lean, agile, DevOps and leadership are needed for a full digital transformation. Here's why, and how to get the mix right.
If DevOps teaches us anything, it's that our teams are only as strong as our weakest connections between one another.
Like a Rube Goldberg machine, an effective DevOps pipeline needs to be transparent . As your grade-school teacher said, show your work.