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FinOps is more than careful monitoring and analysis. There's also a human element—keeping things interesting. Here are four strange but true tales.
Agility can be difficult to achieve in a monolithic environment. It might be time to check out of your suite—and move to composable stacks.
ChatGPT and other generative-AI tools can make test automation easier. But they can't do everything.
Data democratization means data freedom. Data governance means data control. These two concepts seem at odds, but they can support each other.
RSAC 2023's theme was "Stronger Together." Now that the conference is over, Rik Ferguson shares his takeaways.
ISO 27701 can guide organizations in designing more effective personal information management systems.
With the cloud, identities are the new perimeter. Here's how to understand—and stop—privilege escalation and lateral movement in the cloud.
The days of the dev who ships code and moves on to the next project are gone. To retain and grow a user base, engineers must become user-centric.
A complete discussion of sustainable IT must include FinOps. Here are three FinOps articles to keep you going after Earth Day.
Looking for Earth Day inspiration for your enterprise IT environment? Here's a roundup of three environment-friendly articles from TechBeacon.