5 min read - There's more to developers than coding skills. Here's the software development skills you should look for when hiring for your organization.
Closing the skills gap: The software development experience you should look for when hiring for your organization
Download this comprehensive eBook on the state of performance engineering, based on a survey of 400 development, testing and IT professionals.
15 min read - Hiring is broken in the software industry. It started when companies tried to mimic the Google interview, but now the algorithm-centric interview...
13 min read - Diverse development teams are more productive. Here's a comprehensive list of strategies and resources to help you build one.
A diverse group of developers
7 min read - Test-driven development can be a great way to produce higher-quality code with fewer bugs, but it requires a substantial shift in thinking.
5 min read - The DevOps process leads to higher quality and fewer defects, especially known defects. DevOps QA professionals need to see defects differently.
The future of DevOps-driven software delivery will be very different from our past experience building and deploying software. One key difference is that the idea of managing, tracking, and releasing software with defects will become more and more rare.
13 min read - Here's how to retain women and minority developers through fair pay and promotion systems, great onboarding, and other strategies.
Group of developers working at a table looking from above
5 min read - Read how development teams can use feedback and continuous assessment to measure and improve innovation.
DevOps is fueled in large part by feedback. Here's how to feed it.
10 min read - The plague of academic, impractical, algorithm-centric technical interviews continues. It's time for us to share some new ideas and examples of...
12 min read - These developer city rankings take into account cost of living, developer salaries adjusted for cost of living, software engineering job openings,...