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16 min read - For IT operations pros looking to keep up with data science, big data, cloud, containers, and other trends, these conferences deliver.
Data Center World 2017
7 min read - In CloudOps, developers must take on more operational and security responsibilities, which means rethinking how they code, test, and deploy their...
10 min read - Reconsidering your approach to IT operations for cloud-native software? Here's why you should consider site reliability engineering.
7 min read - It's time to get IT Ops and CloudOps out of their silos and working together. Here are key approaches and best practices to adopt.
5 min read - From containers to serverless, IT Ops is rapidly adapting to changing trends and applying them to legacy operations.
6 min read - Avoiding certain cloud vendor offerings for fear of lock-in misses the point. Innovative offerings may bestow a competitive advantage that...
Don't avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Here's why you should embrace it
7 min read - Machine learning was once too expensive for most enterprise budgets, but the cloud potentially makes it affordable. Learn the relevance of ML to...
7 min read - Enterprises often stumble when taking a DevOps approach to cloud application development. Follow these 10 steps to ensure DevOps in the cloud is a...
The need for speed drives the movement to DevOps in the cloud, thus driving the need for the agility and speed that must be part of the development and operations process.
8 min read - Cloud computing is fast becoming an enterprise imperative. Here are the key hidden costs and surprises to be aware of.
5 min read - Organizations will have to rethink strategies, revamp processes, and adopt new roles. Here's what to think about as you get started.