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8 min read - Devs, still looking for things to do this summer? Here's TechBeacon's list of software-development conferences to check out in summer 2023.
5 min read - ChatGPT and other generative-AI tools can make test automation easier. But they can't do everything.
5 min read - The days of the dev who ships code and moves on to the next project are gone. To retain and grow a user base, engineers must become user-centric.
6 min read - AppDev suffers from a talent gap and a communication gap. Citizen development needs to evolve to fill the widening app gap between supply and demand.
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5 min read - AI is only as biased as the institutions, humans, models, and training data behind them. Here's how to address the three types of AI bias.
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5 min read - What are the basic behavioral elements of true AI? How well does ChatGPT exhibit them? And what will it all mean for future generative AI tools?
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8 min read - Some of the best software engineering conferences of 2023, with all the details.
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6 min read - The ever-accelerating pace of social and industrial change means organizations need to take a radically different approach to quality.
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5 min read - Agile upends the old order. Agile organizations have to let go of top-down leadership, embrace collaboration, learn continuously, and welcome change.
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5 min read - Low-code is part of digital transformation for many organizations. We debunk four myths of low-code methodology for business process management.
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