8 min read - With serverless, you have less control over the environment in which you work. Here's how to best approach testing challenges with serverless apps.
7 min read - Future-proof your test automation by focusing less on your automation framework and more on the stack itself. Here's how to take a layered approach.
5 min read - QA pros shouldn't be the only ones doing regression testing. Developers need to do their part, and testers can handle much broader tasks, too.
6 min read - COBOL just won't die, for lots of good reasons. Here's why you should keep your existing apps.
7 min read - In the DevOps era, you need to write code and automate within the same sprint, but this is challenging for many teams. Here's how to get it done.
5 min read - Infrastructure as code has many benefits and few down sides for testing. Here's what your QA team needs to know to use it most effectively.
5 min read - Here's a deeper dive to explore how to truly put GitHub Actions to work for your software team.
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5 min read - The test automation code you inherit may not be what you prefer, but it may have value. Here's why you should keep hands off the functionality.
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