6 min read - Many organizations lack a truly holistic view of enterprise service management. Here's why you should think big picture with ESM.
5 min read - Culture and corporate identity are key for how Quicken Loans makes tech-related decisions. Here are some examples.
7 min read - Here are five types of robotic process automation failures—particularly as projects scale—and how to avoid them.
6 min read - We are just scratching the surface with both analytics and AI. But they are very different. Here's what those differences are—and why they matter.
5 min read - Here's how to build a roadmap to get you to your digital transformation destination. Among other things, think in outcome-focused steps.
5 min read - A factory approach to cloud app migration lets you scale, accelerate, and standardize to maximize benefits—and reduce risk. Here's how to do it.
7 min read - The IoT wave brings asset management, security, policy, and supplier management challenges for IT. Job 1: Get out front with your service management.
5 min read - In today's high-pressure, high-stakes business environment, software is the ultimate currency. Here's why containers should be your go-to dev method.
5 min read - By applying agile and lean concepts to ITSM initiatives, the University of Kansas Health System cut $600,000 a year in costs. Could it work for you?
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