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10 min read - Experts weight in on the future of microservices, container, cloud, testing, agile, and serverless in 2017. Here's what to expect.
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5 min read - DevOps trends from 2017 urged a greater focus on tools, approaches, and practices for driving adoption and deriving more value from Dev and Ops
5 min read - TechBeacon's top 10 quality stories for 2017 highlight the ongoing changes in the QA landscape. Get up to speed for 2018.
18 min read - Here are the top agile conference picks for learning from peers on approach, what worked, and best practices that have emerged.
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22 min read - DevOps isn’t yet a detailed, systematic, and codified process. By attending these shows you will learn best practices from leading organizations.
Claude Remillard of Microsoft Azure and Andy Glover of Netflix discuss orchestration tools and their partnership.
6 min read - High-performing DevOps teams are twice as likely to achieve or exceed objectives, finds the 2017 State of DevOps report.
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25 min read - Not all information security conferences are the same. Here's a curated list of the shows that security pros should short-list.
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25 min read - If you're an application developer and find yourself in a perennial state of learning, you're not alone. Enter the all-important developer conference.
What conferences should you attend?
8 min read - The Automation Guild conference covered a lot of ground. Here are the key takeaways testing engineers will want to know.
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5 min read - Calls for a renewed focus on traditional defense haunted by rising threats such as IoT and containers.
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