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Top iOS developers and experts to follow on Twitter

Mitchell "Moe" Long Freelance writer
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While Android leads all other platforms in mobile market share, iOS remains the second most popular environment for consumers and developers. As the more controlled, more consistent OS, iOS also tends to have more lucrative customers. As such, iOS developers are incredibly prominent. The iOS developer community is as strong and vibrant as it has ever been, with creators sharing tips, news, and opinions all over the web.

Here are 35 top developers and experts in the iOS community to follow on Twitter.


Natasha Murashev


Natasha Murashev, a.k.a. Natasha the Robot, is an iOS engineer who runs the awesome iOS development blog Natasha the Robot. Additionally, Murashev curates the Swift Jobs Twitter account and is a try! Swift NYC organizer.

Jay Freeman


Technology consultant and writer Jay Freeman has a bevy of personal projects, including Cydia, which is an iPhone Debian APT front end; and Anakrino, the first C# decompiler compatible with Microsoft's .Net. Freeman is also the brains behind Java/iPhone, a Java port to the iPhone complete with Objective-C connections.

Ahmet Yalcinkaya


iOS developer and blogger Ahmet Yalcinkaya is great to follow for iOS development news and happenings. Yalcinkaya created the Swift Trends Twitter account and runs a fantastic dev-centric website.

Ayaka Nonaka


After more than three years as an iOS engineer at Venmo and a stint at DeskConnect, Ayaka Nonaka joined the engineers at Apple. Nonaka is a frequent public speaker, writer, and project maintainer.

Matt Galloway


Matt Galloway is an iOS developer, writer, and author of Effective Objective-C 2.0. Galloway created severao apps for iOS devices, including the awesome BeerMap and Subnet Calc.

Chris Lattner


When it comes to iOS development, Chris Lattner was there from the get-go. He's a 12-year Apple veteran who managed the developer tools group that spawned the iPad's Swift Playgrounds, as well as Xcode, Instruments, and many debuggers and compilers. Lattner also began working on the Swift programming language in 2010, helping to shape it, and is the main author of LLVM.

Chris Eidhof


Chris Eidhof is a developer and the founder of the excellent Swift resource This site features a range of iOS and macOS development topics. Eidhof is a prolific writer who co-wrote Advanced Swift and Functional Swift.

Ray Wenderlich


iPhone developer Ray Wenderlich is an iOS guru. Wenderlich uses his extensive knowledge to run an excellent website with myriad tutorials, ranging from Swift and iOS topics to Apple gaming frameworks and Unity. Wenderlich is also a prolific author, having written iOS 11, tvOS Apprentice, and Swift Apprentice.

Delisa Mason


Software developer Delisa Mason is deeply immersed in the iOS and macOS ecosystems. Mason runs several projects, including xcpretty—a fast, flexible xcodebuild output formatting utility—as well as the Alcatraz Xcode package manager. She's a regular speaker and shares her knowledge on topics such as building native macOS apps with Rust.

Simon Ng


AppCoda founder Simon Ng is an iOS expert, author, and coordinator of the Swift Hong Kong Meetup. One of Ng's signature posts is a beginner's guide to auto layout using Xcode 8.

Dave Verwer


Dave Verwer is the author of iOS Dev Weekly, a curated roundup of iOS-related content. For those keen on having a robust understanding of the latest iOS happenings, Verwer is a must-follow.

Oliver Drobnik


The multi-talented Oliver Drobnik is an iOS developer, trainer, tech journalist, and speaker. He runs a fantastic website that features tutorials, apps, and jobs related to Objective-C and iOS development overall.

Krzysztof Zablocki


Developer and speaker Krzysztof Zablocki is an iOS engineer at The New York Times. Previously, Zablocki worked as an iOS engineer for Mashable. Today, he's also the co-founder of Pixle, which is responsible for renowned Apple apps such as Bord and Foldify.

Michael Dominick


Michael Dominick is a software developer and co-host of Coder Radio. Founder of Buccaneer Tech, Dominick weighs in on a number of topics, including iOS tips, Docker on macOS, and hybrid app development.

Steve Streza


Steve Streza is a true renaissance man. The web and mobile developer is also a writer for the Envelove comic, in collaboration with Abigail Starling. Streza is a prolific tweeter, with lots of Swift content as well as thoughts on the Apple ecosystem as a whole.

Rene Ritchie


Although many of the top iOS experts are developer-centric, it's important to stay abreast of the iOS landscape from multiple perspectives. Rene Ritchie brings a journalistic focus. Ritchie is the Mobile Nations editorial director and Apple tech critic. He provides an array of content in the form of articles, podcasts, and video. Follow Ritchie's writings at iMore.

Daniel Jalkut


Founder of Mac app company Red Sweater, Daniel Jalkut is an iOS guru whose website features tech experimentation and opinions. Follow Jalkut for regular commentary on the iOS and macOS spaces.

Federico Viticci


Mac Stories founder and editor-in-chief Federico Viticci keeps the iOS conversation active at his site and on Twitter. He also co-hosts the AppStories podcast, which is a great place to check for the latest in iOS news.

John Voorhees


A writer for Mac Stories and co-host of AppStories (along with with Federico Viticci), John Voorhees is a must-follow for iOS development. He is also the creator of the Blink app for iTunes affiliate linking.

Matt Gemmell


Scottish author Matt Gemmell balances tech and creative endeavors. He's a novelist, has held positions as a software architect with Instinctive Code, and served as a Cocoa UI and UX development contractor with Apple. Many of his tweets describe how he incorporates Apple products into his workflow, providing an excellent overview of real-world iOS use. His blog features commentary on Apple hardware and software from a tech perspective.

Janie Clayton


Janie Clayton is an iOS and macOS software engineer and founder of Red Queen Coder. In addition to her development work, she is the author of the Metal Programming Guide and a frequent blogger.

John Sundell


John Sundell is an iOS game developer at Hyper and an open-source advocate who previously served a three-year stint as lead iOS developer with Spotify. Aside from making apps and games, Sundell regularly blogs about Swift and is the creator of SwiftPlate, Marathon, Unbox, and Wrap.

Hosam Hassan


Taphive engineer and co-founder Hosam Hassan has a self-professed love of building apps. His Twitter feed reveals that he's constantly hands-on with Swift and deeply immersed in the iOS ecosystem.

Ellen Shapiro


Ellen Shapiro describes her work as creating apps that make phones more useful. She's the lead mobile developer at SpotHero and also a seasoned iOS, and Android freelance developer of more than eight years, and a regular speaker

Rebecca Slatkin


Rebecca Slatkin, a mobile software engineer at Wayfair, is a self-described iOS biped. Slatkin tweets often about Swift and Xcode, and her tweets tend to be  humorous as well as informative.

Steven Troughton-Smith


Steven Troughton-Smith, founder and CEO of High Caffeine Content, is an iOS app developer who dabbles in MacOS, Android, Windows Phone, and WebOS development. A true iOS genius, Troughton-Smith maintains a beefy GitHub and discusses Apple hardware from a developer perspective.

Ole Begemann


Ole Begemann, co-author of Advanced Swift, is a Swift master. Aside from his book, Begemann writes on his website about Swift topics such as testing a Swift package on Linux with Docker

Sam Soffes


Sam Soffes, founder and sole developer at Nothing Magical, has also worked as an iOS engineer at Venmo and Hipstamatic. He has developed for iOS since the SDK's debut in 2008 and has worked on Obaby, the Bible app, and IncrediBooth.

Peter Steinberger


As the founder and CEO of PSPDFKit, a cross-platform PDF app integration product, Peter Steinberger is an admitted lover of pushing Apple's Cocoa to its limits in PDF Viewer. Steinberger shares his thoughts and experiences on Twitter and through blogging.

Florent Pillet


Freelance software consultant and CommandFusion software engineering lead Florent Pillet specializes in iOS, Android, and macOS development. A Swift expert, he is also skilled in Rx and Kotlin. Pillet is co-author of Reactive Programming with RxSwift.

Adrian Kosmaczewski


Adrian Kosmaczewski is a prolific writer, speaker, and trainer. Kosmaczewski concentrates on mobile software development and has shipped software for many platforms, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. His book Android for iOS Developers is a fantastic read and helps make learning Android development easier for iOS developers.

Tim Cook


Although he's not going to give any meaty developer advice, Apple CEO Tim Cook couldn't be left out. He's a fantastic follow for his knowledge of each aspect of the Apple ecosystem and for major platform announcements.

iOS Dev Weekly


While it's not a person, iOS Dev Weekly is one of the top resources for iOS development. As the name suggests, iOS Dev Weekly is a roundup of the top iOS development links from around the web, curated by Dave Verwer. It's a fantastic one-stop shop for the latest in iOS development news, updates, and opinions.



iMore is a site dedicated to all things Apple. This includes apps, hardware, services, and more. Notably, iMore covers operating system betas for developers, as well as trends in iOS and Apple hardware and software.

Swift Language


A list of iOS experts to follow on Twitter would not be complete without the dedicated Swift programming language feed. Although Swift doesn't tweet as frequently as many of the iOS experts on this list, each tweet reveals new developer-focused features and updates.


Your turn: Which iOS experts do you recommend following on Twitter? Please let us know in the comments! 

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