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42 JavaScript experts to follow on Twitter

Mitchell "Moe" Long Freelance Journalist, Freelancer

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, and for good reason. From its origins at Netscape to its current iteration, JavaScript has adapted throughout the last two decades to become a language people actually enjoy using. As such, the Twittersphere is buzzing with all sorts of JS chatter. From programmers and bloggers to co-founders, here are the 42 JavaScript experts you need to follow.

Addy Osmani


Google engineer Addy Osmani works on Google Chrome and is on the Polymer team. Specifically, Osmani concentrates on Chrome developer tools and handles open-source projects such as TodoMVC and Yeoman. As the author of Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, Osmani is a must-follow in the JavaScript space, with his frequent tweets and videos on JavaScript.

Paul Irish


Paul Irish works on developer productivity managing product strategy for Chrome DevTools. With the continuing mission of making the web more fun, he’s a performance guru. Follow Irish for neat technical tips and tweets, where he often interacts with the likes of Wes Bos and Umar Hansa.

Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur is an organizer for the JSconfAU and CSSconfAU conferences. She's written some excellent articles on web performance and has been a significant voice in the tech community, especially for topics around diversity in the software industry.

Umar Hansa


Umar Hansa, a web developer at Shazam, is a go-to resource for all things web development and design, but particularly JavaScript. His Twitter feed is a veritable treasure trove of dev-oriented content and project pages. Hansa’s regular Dev Tips are quite informative and engaging.

Chris Heilmann


Christian Heilmann is a senior program manager of developer experience and evangelism at Microsoft. He also worked at Mozilla and Yahoo for several years. Heilmann is a master at synthesizing technical topics for a variety of audiences. His website is loaded with resources from videos on JavaScript analysis to presentation slides. He's a frequent conference speaker, addressing developer audiences at FullstackConf, All Things Open, and NeJs, to name a few.

Elijah Manor


Elijah Manor is a senior software engineer at LeanKit, a Pluralsight author, and a web development guru. With a zeal for front-end development, Manor is a JavaScript expert and a seasoned blogger, speaker, and trainer. He stays active in developer communities and even keeps code alive in his Twitter bio.

Brendan Eich


Any list of JavaScript experts sans-Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, would be tragically remiss. Eich is an absolute must-follow for any developer, but especially for JavaScript programmers. His entertaining and thoughtful tweets enlighten his more than 60,000 followers, and Eich interacts with a smattering of like-minded experts.

John Resig


John Resig is the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library and a staff software engineer at Khan Academy. He's also the author of JavaScript: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja and Pro JavaScript Techniques. Resig shares his thoughts on JavaScript and web development with his 220,000+ followers.

Natalie MacLees


As the founder and principal at Purple Pen Productions and the co-founder of the Girl Develop It's Los Angeles chapter, Natalie MacLees has over 20 years of web development expertise. MacLees authored jQuery for Designers and frequently spreads her knowledge through organizations and meetups. Follow MacLees for loads of design-oriented tips.

Dan Shaw


As the CTO and co-founder of NodeSource, Dan Shaw has been active in the JavaScript space for years. He frequently focuses on explorations of Node.js in enterprise environments. In addition to running NodeSource, Shaw hosts the stellar NodeUp podcast and regularly speaks at JavaScript and Node.js-related conferences.

Simo Ahava


Simo Ahava is a senior data advocate at Reaktor, and frequent blogger. Speaking on a regular basis at conferences such as MeasureCamp, Ahava is seasoned in all areas of web development, dropping knowledge on topics such as a JavaScript concepts for web analytics implementations.

Alex Grigoryan


As the director of software engineering for the application platform at Walmart, Alex Grigoryan has a passion for Node.js and React.js. His insightful tweets show the practical applications of JavaScript in the business world, notably with regard to Walmart. Grigoryan is a distinguished speaker at such events as NodeSummit.

Simeon Vincent


As a front-end engineer at Blizzard Entertainment, Simeon Vincent is a self-professed JavaScript lover and open web enthusiast. Vincent has maintained community sites such as the developer portal and worked on the “World of Warcraft” 6.0 announcement page.

Tracy Lee


Tracy Lee is a community and company nurturer with a bevy of JavaScript expertise and passion. She's the founder of the magnificent Modern Web podcast, a developer evangelist at EmberSherpa, a Hacker Dojo board member, and founder/editor with Venture Hacked. Lee shares thoughts and tips on everything from coding AngularJS 2 apps to creating backends with her 11,000+ followers.

Kent C. Dodds


Kent C. Dodds is a JavaScript engineer at PayPal that loves building for the web. His current passions are React and Node.js, and in addition to his role with PayPal, he’s an official Google Development Expert (GDE). Dodds’ impressive set of projects includes Angular-Formly, a project consisting of JSON-powered forms, GenieJS, which offers improved keyboard control for websites, and JSPoint, which transforms PowerPoint presentations into web presentations.

John Papa


John Papa is a principal technical architect at Walt Disney. The JavaScript and AngularJS enthusiast is a Pluralsight course author, a writer, and a frequent speaker. Papa shares his extensive web development expertise via online courses, conferences, and workshops.

David Walsh


David Walsh is a senior web developer at Mozilla and an admitted JavaScript fanatic. As his Twitter handle suggests, Walsh is a regular blogger who's been a well-known voice in the blogging developer community for many years. 

Sacha Greif


Sacha Greif created Sidebar and Telescope, and he is also the co-author of Discover Meteor. He's a designer with a knack for mobile and web UI tweets often about JavaScript and JS frameworks. Lately, Greif has been analyzing the state of JavaScript with the appropriate hashtag, #stateofjs.

Trevor Norris


Trevor Norris is the Node.js maintainer at NodeSource. He develops for the Node.js open-source community, blogs, and speaks at events including Node Summit.

John-David Dalton


John-David Dalton is a web app and framework PM at Microsoft who often tinkers on JavaScript projects. He's also the creator of Lodash, a performance-focused JavaScript utility library.

Mathias Bynens


Web development guru and developer relations expert at Opera, Mathias Bynens specializes in front-end development. He’s a JavaScript master with a passion for web standards. Bynens’ stellar website delves into topics ranging from Unicode property escapes in JS to JavaScript variable names in ES6.

Wes Bos


Wes Bos is a full stack developer and knowledge dropper. As the lead instructor at HackerYou, Bos is a fantastic teacher, publishing informative posts on a regular basis. Follow Bos for tips on nitty-gritty JavaScript topics.

Tom Dale


Tom Dale created the massively popular JavaScript framework Ember.js and co-founded the open-source startup Tilde. He remains rooted in the JavaScript space, weighing in on topics ranging from JS frameworks and mobile performance to threads on Reddit-related to JS. Join Dale’s 23,000+ followers for his insightful thoughts and commentary.

Kahlil Lechelt


JavaScript developer, music maker, and podcast host Kahlil Lechelt seemingly does it all. He’s active as a developer, with a sizeable GitHub, runs a blog, hosts the Reactive Podcast, and even organizes a few JavaScript user groups.

Erik Aybar


Practice Genius software engineer Erik Aybar has the apt Twitter handle @erikthedev. Sharing his thought leadership through his website as well as teaching on, Aybar has a zeal for software engineering and continued learning. As such, he’s an active community member on GitHub, Medium, and StackOverflow.

Axel Rauschmayer


Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is a master of writing, both code and otherwise. He's the author of Exploring ES6, and Speaking JavaScript—a wonderfully concise book that deserves to be lauded to the same degree as Eloquent JavaScript and JavaScript: The Good Parts.  He’s been running the amazing 2ality blog for more than 11 years. Devoted mainly to JavaScript, it dives into technical topics. Follow Axel for thoughtful commentary on JavaScript language evolution and regular blog posts.

Ariya Hidayat


Shape Security’s VP of engineering, Ariya Hidayat, created the JS tools Esprima and PhantomJS. He's a blogger, speaker, and an open-source advocate. Hidayat also enjoys attending meetups including WaffleJs

Brian Rinaldi


Brian Rinaldi is a developer content manager at Progress and a go-to for all things web development. His fun and useful posts such as a guide to browser scroll animations showcase Rinaldi’s tech proficiency as well as his engaging writing and teaching. Check out his website Remote Synthesis for thoughts on web and mobile development.

Kristian Roebuck


Kristian Roebuck is a JavaScript developer with PrimarySite Limited who specializes in creating modern web apps. Tweeting about JavaScript, conferences, the JS community, and programming in general, Roebuck also remains active on the meetup and user group scene spreading his knowledge.

Amjad Masad

@amasad founder Amjad Masad formerly worked at Facebook. Masad’s tech tweets showcase conversations with fellow thought leaders like Mathias Bynens. A few of Amjad’s neat projects include Stuff.js, jQuery.expect, and the awesome debug.js, a JavaScript debugger and VM.

Rebecca Murphey


Rebecca Murphey is a software engineer at Indeed. Her excellent website chronicles her adventures in JavaScript and includes JS for beginners exercises. Murphey often shares real-world JavaScript problems she encounters via her excellent Twitter stream.

Nick Salloum


Nick Salloum is a full stack software engineer at Axiom Zen. He is a big evangelist for responsive web design. Stay up to date with Salloum on Twitter and his awesome blog for great content including an intro to Angular JS and responsive tabs with CSS and JS.

Rob Dodson


Google developer advocate Rob Dodson is a front-end development master with specializations in JavaScript, Node.js, and BackboneJS. A developer and writer, Dodson spreads his extensive expertise through his website with excellent tutorials and thought leadership. Working for the Polymer team, Dodson frequently shares tidbits about it.

Cody Lindley


Cody Lindley is a front-end JavaScript developer with over 18 years of expertise. Notably, Lindley has a focus on client-side performance in web development. Lindley has authored, edited, and co-authored a smattering of books, from JavaScript Enlightenment to jQuery Cookbook and jQuery for Dummies. Become one of Lindley’s more than 17k followers for a dive into JavaScript goodness.

Marijn Haverbeke


The author of Eloquent JavaScript and creator of the fantastic in-browser code editor CodeMirror, Marjin Haverbeke is a go-to for JavaScript. His numerous projects include several JS pieces of software, including Acorn, a JavaScript parser, and Tern, a JS type interface. Check out Haverbeke’s blog for loads of technical write-ups including his JavaScript build setup.

Jafar Husain


Lots of awesomeness has derived from Netflix (“Stranger Things,” anyone?), and one of those is Jafar Husain, technical lead at Netflix and Falcor, an efficient data fetching JavaScript library. Husain is a regular open-source project contributor and regular conference speaker at the likes of Full Stack Fest.

Henrik Joreteg


Henrik Joreteg is a JavaScript master, speaker, and writer. President and JavaScript developer at &yet, Joreteg created, Ampersand.js, and Human JavaScript. Joreteg shares his thoughts on web development and JavaScript with his 12k+ Twitter followers.

Kyle Simpson


An open web evangelist admittedly obsessed with teaching JavaScript, Kyle Simpson is a must-follow in the JavaScript space. With a great JS profile pic on Twitter, Simpson drops technical content and thoughts on his Twitter stream, and he engages often with the JS community. Simpson is the author of several JavaScript books, including You Don’t Know JS: ES6 and Beyond, You Don’t Know JS: Async & Performance, and You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going. He is a passionate teacher and great resource for those who know and don’t know JS.

Brian LeRoux


Co-founder of Small Wins, a company devoted to the concept that bots are the news apps, Brian LeRoux is web development guru. He has presented at JSConf and is frequently sharing knowledge on mobile JavaScript and PhoneGap. Follow LeRoux for insight into the evolving JS landscape and web app development as a whole.

Remy Sharp


Remy Sharp is the founder and curator of the UK-based JavaScript conference ffconf and the owner of Left Logic, a web development company. Sharp carries a bevy of web development experience and has an excellent blog. Join Sharp’s almost 50k followers in learning about his extensive JS and web dev expertise.

JavaScript Daily


Need a daily dose of JavaScript? Then you need to follow JavaScript Daily! From React tips to CSS tutorials (including this fascinating recreation of the "Stranger Things" intro), JS Daily is a great curated stream of blog posts, expert opinions , tech tips, and more. 

Are there any other Twitter handles you would add to this list? Share them below.

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