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34 mobile engineers to follow on Twitter

Kenton Williston Former managing editor, TechBeacon

To help you connect with other mobile developers and tap into their collective wisdom, we've put together a list of awesome Twitter accounts run by mobile engineers. Now you can stay on top of the ever-changing mobile landscape!

1. Dylan Beadle

Dylan Beadle is senior iOS developer at ResMed. His Twitter feed is full of links to iOS dev news and tools, as well as his regular "free app picks."

2. Zack Beatty

Zack Beatty is an engineer of API partnerships and mobile apps at SeeClickFix. He tweets regularly and isn't shy about sharing his opinions on the latest app-related industry news.

3. Ari Braginsky

Ari Braginsky is an iOS software engineer and founder of Guidance Is Internal. Follow his Twitter feed for iOS app dev news, tools, and insights.

4. Ben Chatelain

Ben Chatelain is principal iOS engineer for Kaiser Permanente IT. He writes about app dev issues on his personal blog and posts his insights and links to news and tools on Twitter.

5. Jeff Chen

Jeff Chen, cofounder and development lead at Vestor Inc., maintains a list of his development projects on his website. He's also active on Twitter, offering helpful tips and observations for other engineers.

6. Matthew David

Matthew David is senior manager, Mobile Center of Excellence at Kimberly-Clark and the author of Designing Apps for Success. He's a contributor to Visualize the Web, and his Twitter feed is a must-follow for links to his articles and other app-dev content.

7. Bill Dudney

Bill Dudney is a UIKit engineer for Apple. He tweets his own engineering insights as well as those from other engineers.

8. Maximiliano Firtman

Maximiliano Firtman is a mobile and web developer, author, speaker, and consultant. He documents his work on his "professional life log" and uses Twitter to share updates on his projects, as well as links to wealth of dev resources.

9. Brian Gilham

Brian Gilham is a speaker and senior mobile developer at The Working Group. He blogs about Apple Watch app design and development at Five Minute WatchKit and curates a list of the best WatchKit development links. He frequently shares links to both on Twitter.

10. Jake Hamby

Jake Hamby is an independent Android software engineer who formerly worked for Google and Microsoft. He shares his opinions on a variety of technology topics on his blog, and he frequently participates in conversations with other engineers on Twitter.

11. Daniel Hooper

Daniel Hooper is a former Apple engineer and the creator of Principle for Mac. He tweets about products he's working on and app dev in general.

12. Michael Jurewitz

Michael Jurewitz is an engineering project manager at Apple. He's written a multipart series on app store pricing on his blog, and he occasionally sparks app-related discussions on Twitter.

13. Afrim Kacaj

Afrim Kacaj is mobile technical manager at TripAdvisor Flights and an iOS engineer. He showcases the iOS and Android apps he's worked on at Tingalin and posts updates on his projects in his Twitter feed.

14. Serg Koren

Serg Koren is an iOS developer, corporate trainer, and database designer. He writes about supporting Fortune 500 companies with application and database design and development on his blog, and he tweets several times daily on a range of dev topics.

15. Bill Kunz

Bill Kunz is an iOS developer at Pinterest. He frequently shares his snarky insights on Twitter.

16. Chris Maddern

Button cofounder Chris Maddern writes about app development on his personal blog. Follow his Twitter feed for plenty of engineering news and analysis.

17. Andy Matuschak

Andy Matuschak is lead mobile developer at Khan Academy. He contributes to a software engineering blog and shares his insights and opinions on Twitter.

18. Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell is a developer at The New York Times. His Twitter feed is a trove of links to a variety of mobile related news.

19. Natasha Murashev

Natasha Murashev is a senior software engineer, iOS, for Capital One. Her Twitter feed is essential for anyone working with Swift—she regularly shares links to her Swift newsletter, as well as other content from iOS developers.

20. Elena Neira

Elena Neira is director of technology for Verizon Wireless. Her Twitter feed is a rich resource of mobile and general tech news links.

21. M?_che??l ?? Foghl?

M?_che??l ?? Foghl? is the CTO of Red Hat Mobile. Several times a day he posts links to articles on a range of tech topics, including mobile engineering.

22. Chris Parker

Chris Parker is a programmer and manager at Apple. He posts about programming and other tech topics on his entertaining Twitter feed.

23. Scott Raymond

Scott Raymond is mobile engineering manager at Airbnb. He occasionally tweets his observations and insights about app dev issues.

24. Erica Sadun

Erica Sadun is the author and co-author of three-dozen books on iOS development and other tech topics. She blogs about iOS dev on her website and shares dev insights on Twitter.

25. Kristiono Setyadi

Kristiono Setyadi is a mobile engineer and CTO of The Jakarta Post Digital. He occasionally blogs about projects he's working on, but his Twitter feed is full of links to dev resources and news, as well as insights into his daily life as a tech executive.

26. Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott is editor/publisher of The Appivore and Slide To Play. He frequently tweets his opinions on the latest happenings in the app and mobile-gaming industries.

27. Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a Linaro Mobile Group engineer. His Twitter feed is full of links to dev tools and articles, particularly about working with Android.

28. Rod Strougo

Rod Strougo is an iOS engineering manager, instructor, and senior developer at Big Nerd Ranch and the author of Learning Cocos2D. He tweets on occasion about iOS development.

29. Brandon Trebitowski

Brandon Trebitowski is CEO of Pixegon Inc. He writes about software development on his personal blog and tweets links to his posts as well as other dev news.

30. Steven Troughton-Smith

Steven Troughton-Smith is CEO and founder of High Caffeine Content. He tweets about all things iOS and his latest hacking projects.

31. Jake Ward

Jake Ward is executive director of the Application Developers Alliance. Follow his Twitter feed to stay on top of the latest news and insights in the app industry.

32. Ray Wenderlich

Razeware founder Ray Wenderlich is an iPhone developer who offers tips and tutorials for developers and gamers on his website. He regularly tweets on topics related to the iPhone, software, and gaming.

33. Colin Wheeler

Colin Wheeler is a mobile engineer at TEKsystems. He blogs about working with Cocoa, and his Twitter feed is a must-read for links and insights on Mac and iOS app development.

34. Marcus S. Zarra

Marcus S. Zarra is an iOS and OSX developer, author of Core Data, and former managing partner at MartianCraft. He regularly shares his expertise via Twitter and writes about iOS and OSX programming on his blog Cocoa Is My Girlfriend.

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