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28 QA professionals you should follow on Twitter

Kenton Williston Former managing editor, TechBeacon

Twitter is a trove of news, insights, and best practices for anyone passionate about software quality. We've put together a list of 28 QA testing professionals and thought leaders you should start following today.

Anton Angelov

Anton Angelov is a QA architect at Telerik. He's also founder of Automate the Planet, where he writes about software quality. He regularly shares his posts in his Twitter feed.

Robert Arles

Robert Arles is a self-proclaimed geek and QA engineer for Gifts.com. He blogs about QA and other tech issues, frequently sharing news and industry insights on Twitter.

Tony Bailey

AccessHQ CEO Tony Bailey says he's "passionate about restoring the voice of Quality to the IT industry." His twitter feed is filled with links to leadership insights on QA and testing.

Jason Barile

Jason Barile is QA manager at "a large online retailer and ebook seller." He writes the blog Successful Software Testing and shares his personal projects and links to dev articles in his Twitter feed.

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop is director of assurance and testing at AccessHQ. In his Twitter feed, he shares company blog posts and links to other thought leadership articles.

Daniel Box

Daniel Box is head of QA at Mubaloo. He tweets and retweets links to a variety of mobile-related articles.

Reid Buckmaster

Reid Buckmaster is a QA professional at Phoenix Labs. His Twitter feed is full of his insights on game design and other QA issues.

Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson is a software QA and testing expert. He regularly shares articles, opinions, and insights on software testing in his Twitter feed.

Gregor Chalmers

Gregor Chalmers is a graphical QA analyst for #TeamTriLambda. He tweets under the name CCPSledgehammer, and his feed features plenty of updates on his work projects.

"Mod Cocoa"

Mod Cocoa (not his real name) is a QA manager and moderator at Jagex, which publishes RuneScape. He regularly tweets company news and project updates, as well as open QA positions.

Jon Douglas

Jon Douglas is senior QA manager at Vox Media. He frequently shares news and insights about company projects in his Twitter feed.

Mark A. Eaton

Mark A. Eaton works in QA at AgileBits. He regularly tweets commentary on mobile app topics and shares other tweets from fellow IT colleagues.

Kate Falanga

Kate Falanga is director of QA at Huge. Her Twitter feed is full of articles and opinions on QA topics as wells as updates on testing events and meetups.

Dave Gabriel

Dave Gabriel is a production assistant and quality assurance lead at FuturLab. He shares his insights and opinions on #GameDev topics and posts open positions in his Twitter feed.

David Goldstein

QA engineer David Goldstein is the creator of @twitbituaries, @shabbosstarts, and @countsefira. He frequently tweets opinions about software QA issues.

Kyle Hartline

Kyle "Zorbrix" Hartline is an assistant test lead for World of Warcraft QA at Blizzard. He tweets under the name Zorbrix, Bug Hunter, and his feed is full of snarky QA insights.

Marcus Hedberg

Marcus Hedberg is a QA engineer for Hansoft. He shares company updates and posts comments and article about software and game testing in his feed.

Peter Hosey

Peter Hosey is a Mac programmer and software QA engineer. He tweets about a variety of tech topics, including QA issues.

Brandon Manson

Brandon Manson is a software QA engineer at iRule. He occasionally tweets about dev and QA issues.

Laurie Marmon

Laurie Marmon is a software QA engineer at Apple. She often shares QA content in her Twitter feed.

Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill is a staff QA engineer at Slack and the co-founder of Tapist. He often tweets about his work and general QA topics.

Joseph Ours

Joseph Ours does software testing and QA at Centric Consulting. He shares his thoughts on the "craft of testing" on his personal blog and regularly interacts with other testers and QA pros on his Twitter feed.

Andreea Popescu

Andreea Popescu is a QA engineer and speaker. She often posts links to articles on software development and testing in her Twitter feed.

Debasis Pradhan

CredibleSoft founder and CEO Debasis Pradhan calls himself a "quality assurance preacher." He tweets about software user issues and solutions among other tech topics.

Terry Smith

Terry Smith is a QA analyst and scrum master for ScreenScape Networks. He writes about technology topics at his blog Great Big Geek and tweets company updates and general software news.

Francisco Valdovines

Francisco Valdovines is quality assurance engineer at OneLogin and the founder of Talks QA. He tweets—mostly in Spanish—on a variety of QA topics.

Max Woolf

Max Woolf is a Bay Area software QA engineer. He writes about QA and other tech topics on his blog and shares content, insights, and his latest projects in his Twitter feed.

Marco Zehe

Marco Zehe is Mozilla's accessibility QA engineer. He frequently tweets about his own work and retweets insights from other IT pros.

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