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25 "Game of Thrones" characters and their likely jobs at an IT company

Ishan Sharma Full Stack Engineer, Epictions

"Game of Thrones" needs no introduction. It is one of the most-watched shows worldwide and holds the Guinness world record for “largest TV drama simulcast.”

The most marvelous thing about the show is its elaborate and convincing universe. What would happen if that universe were to transform into an IT company? Which character would take which role? Who would win the Game of IT Thrones? My picks follow.


For the most important role in the company, you need someone who knows how to manage people. One who commands respect. Only one person fits this important role in my mind, Lord Tywin Lannister. He has proved his ability as a leader by taking a sinking house and making it the richest in Westeros. And when he held the position of hand of the king in King's Landing, he knew exactly how to get things done. 

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The chief operating officer is second in command and makes sure that the daily operations of the company are in order. When required, the COO will step up to fill the role of CEO. Only a Lannister can fill another Lannister’s role, and no, it’s not Jaime. Just as he stepped up as the hand until Tywin arrived, Tyrion Lannister is the only able COO. Now he's filling in nicely for Daenerys as an adept administrator who really understands how people think.

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No points for guessing this one. There’s no one more eligible than Lord Varys. The spider knows every secret in Westeros and has a track record of working under different managers.


Again, no question here: Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish wins. Though he has some competition from Tyrion Lannister and even Tywin Lannister, Lord Baelish’s ability to magically make gold from thin air is unparalleled. He knows that money and knowledge are power.


The president’s position is the most responsible one. The president has to guide the company as a whole and keep the goals in sight. In many companies, presidents fill the role of CEO. Only one person is worthy of this position, Daenerys Targaryen. She has demonstrated every quality you want in a leader. When required, she does not mind taking advice from her well-qualified counsel and makes calculated and fair decisions.

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Marketing requires experience, an understanding of the target audience, and most importantly, on-your-feet thinking. All these requisites are present in Sir Davos (or "Ser Davos" in the books). He’s loyal and stands by the product put out by the management. The man who can convince the Iron Bank to give a huge loan to a bankrupt king with low chances of winning can do anything.

Vice president, public relations

The person in this position needs to have connections and has to be resourceful and popular with the masses. Queen Margaery Tyrell is apt for this position. People adore her, and she knows how to impress all and simultaneously send the message she intends to.

Product evangelist

For this role, you will need someone who is convincing and charismatic. There’s no better person for that than Lady Melisandre. The Red Woman, as she’s known, convinced a royal family to adopt a different religion and then go to war. You can’t get more persuasive than that! 

Senior program analyst

Senior program analysts have to mix versatility with experience. They may have the responsibilities of a project manager for one project and be working on architecture for another, with the added responsibility of reviewing and vetting that code later. Sir Barristan Selmy is the person for this role. He’s senior enough to know the ins and outs of the trade and can handle different roles without a sweat.

Sir Barristan, after hearing customer requirements.

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The position of an architect is a difficult one. You have to be good at what you do. You need to stick to the correct way of doing things and push through when others are against you. The best fit for this role is Lord Stannis Baratheon. While some of his decisions might have been a bit controversial, he knows his trade and will do what is best for the realm—I mean, system. 

Lord Stannis is the perfect analyst.

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The fabled designers! We rarely see them and we don’t understand their intentions, but when they appear, they leave their mark. Westeros has a full army of artistic beings who love making patterns. Yes, I am talking about the White Walkers. And my lead UX guy is The Night’s King. Enigmatic and mysterious, he’s making some enormous designs of his own behind the scenes.


Sysadmins manage all the systems behind the scenes. The rest of the organization often doesn't notice them, but they are in control of every vital system. Olenna Tyrell is the perfect sysadmin. She’s crafty and knows how to avoid attracting attention while still having everything under control.

DevOps engineer

Part analysts, part programmers, DevOps engineers have to be jacks of all trades. And that makes Bronn perfect for the role. He’s an excellent fighter, is good at talking, reads situations instantly, and knows where his loyalties lie. If you need a DevOps person, he’s your guy.

Ship it!

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Systems programmer

Systems programmer is a position of high responsibility. You need to know everything there is to know about the tools you are working with, because you have to write high-performance, critical system software. Gendry the blacksmith is your candidate here. He has great knowledge of his craft, and his tools are some of the best in the city.

Front-end developer

Front-end developers are rock stars and ninjas. There’s no one better for the position than Jaime Lannister. He does things with style, and all his projects (including himself) look good. Some of his chops might have gotten chopped, but he’s still rolling with his own style, undergoing stealth missions and what not.

Back-end developer

The job of back-end developers is not easy. They have to make sure that all crucial parts of the business work, but they also stay in the background when it comes to glory and fame. Robb Stark is the perfect candidate for this position. He was reliable, trustworthy, and respected. 

Full stack engineer

You want someone who can singlehandedly take care of a bunch of things effortlessly and can fit into different roles. Jaqen H'ghar is the person you need. He can perform in a variety of roles and has a reputation for finishing jobs properly, impeccably, and on time.

IoT hacker

The Internet of Things is the hot field right now, and it takes phenomenal skills to stay at the forefrontDaario Naharis is just the guy you want. He has worked hard over the years to acquire the skills and has earned his bragging rights.

Web developer

Web development is a fast-moving field. You have to be quick and learn a lot of new things consistently. On top of that, you have to be ready for unexpected situations all the time. We find both of these qualities in Arya Stark. She’s a quick learner and adapts to situations every single time.

Project manager

Project managers have to be tactful when dealing with people. They are at a high enough position to see where the project is heading and have to keep both big and small pictures in mind. Someone with these qualities is hard to find. Cersei Lannister is the person for the job. While she may be temperamental at times, she knows how to keep the bigger picture in mind and will do whatever is necessary.

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Team lead

Team leads are responsible for providing guidance, instruction, and direction to a bunch of junior (and sometimes misfit) people. They inspire the team and are the future of the company. Turning to Castle Black, we find Jon Snow to be ideal for this role is. He’s good with people and can train them to achieve their best.

Technical writer

The person called upon to document the system needs to be good at written communication. Finding someone for this role is going to be hard because Westeros is not exactly reaching new heights in literacy rates. But why worry when you have Samwell Tarly? He knows how to read, he can write well, and he learns fast.


QA involves performing tasks with precision and finding cases that no one else can think of. QAs are also not well liked (by programmers, at least). The hound, Sandor Clegane, is the perfect QA. He follows instructions to the T and is more concerned with performing his duty (mostly) than with popularity. He’ll hunt bugs to the darkest corners of the world with the skill and speed only he can offer.

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Data scientist

Data scientists work behind the scenes to find data that no one has access to. They will find hidden patterns and discover the real stories behind the scenes. Our pick for this role is Bran Stark. He sees things that others can’t, and while he does sometimes stumble on situations that may cause harm (remember the very first episode?), his unique abilities put him at the front of the line for this role.

Build engineer

What is Hodor best at? Repeating things without question. He will redo what he knows without getting bored. No matter how many changes programmers come up with just before the next release, he will happily get the build ready and push it out the door. 

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These were my picks for IT positions. What do you think? Do you have better candidates in mind? Don’t forget to share your picks.

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