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10 inspiring women in test to follow

Angie Jones Senior Director of Developer Relations, Applitools

Happy International Women’s Day! If you’re looking for inspiring women in test to follow, I have you covered!

I have only recently discovered the following phenomenal women in the last few years, and it’s really refreshing to hear these new voices. Each of them is making a significant contribution to tech, and you should definitely follow them to see what else is in store. They appear in no particular order.

Julia Pottinger


Pottinger is a training and development manager with experience creating test automation frameworks in Java, Ruby, and JavaScript. She has recently taken the testing world by storm with her YouTube videos, blog posts, and free test automation course.

Marie Drake


Drake is a quality engineering manager, Cypress ambassador, and co-organizer of the Cypress UK Community Meetup Group, where she connects with testers and developers who are interested in learning more about Cypress. She writes about testing and test automation and is an accessibility advocate. In fact, she has created a free accessibility testing tutorial to teach us how to be more inclusive in our development and testing efforts.

Parveen Khan


Khan is a senior test engineer and international conference speaker who shares her stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe. As a quality advocate, Khan believes delivering high-quality products is everyone's responsibility. She loves collaborating with teams and optimizing processes, tools, and methodologies to enable the creation of high-quality products. You can often find Khan speaking and writing about observability, agile transformation, and pairing with others to learn more about testing.

Aparna Gopalakrishnan


Gopalakrishnan is a leading automation test expert, holding five international certifications. She has several years of consulting experience, helping world-leading firms with test automation, accessibility testing, and behavior-driven development. Gopalakrishnan is a conference speaker, blogger, and instructor who offers two free testing courses.

Rafaela Azevedo


Azevedo is a full-stack SDET (software development engineer in test) with several years of experience in testing, test automation, and leadership. She became a STEM ambassador and a STEM women member in 2020, making an impact and bringing more people to the STEM area. You can find Azevedo speaking about creating test strategies, writing about testing trends, and teaching about contract tests.

Kristin Jackvony


Jackvony is a principal engineer specializing in both improving legacy software and supporting new software from the earliest stages of development. She is proficient in automated testing, especially API testing with Postman, as well as UI automation and manual exploratory testing. Jackvony is a frequent blogger and shares really insightful and practical viewpoints on her blog, Think Like a Tester.

Beth Marshall


Marshall is senior test engineer who is making a splash! Alongside podcasting, giving tutorials, and doing various collaborations, Marshall spoke at a number of international online events in 2020. She shares her stories from the front lines on her testing blog. Last year, Marshall accepted our challenge to create a test automation portfolio and shared her progress on her blog and GitHub.

Erika Chestnut


Chestnut started her career as a software developer who was passionate about quality and found herself leaning more toward leading testing efforts. After many years in the industry, Chestnut is now the head of quality assurance at Calendly and excels at creating quality strategies that both support and are supported by the business. Fortunately for us, she shares her knowledge and expertise with the greater community. When she’s not busy keynoting conferences, you can find her coaching, mentoring, and consulting. 

Crystal Preston-Watson


Preston-Watson is a quality and accessibility engineer who has an extensive background, including roles such as web editor, interactive producer, and front-end developer. You can find her on the conference circuit (sometimes even in costume!) educating us about accessibility testing.

Priyanka Halder


Halder is a leader in quality and delivery. She is often pushing her teams to utilize modern approaches such as visual validation, test stabilization pipelines, and CI/CD for each code deployment. Halder loves sharing her experiences with others via her blog and speaking engagements.

Of course, this list is only a small sample of all of the remarkable women in test. Are there any newer voices we should all be following? Let me know.

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